Permanent Fix For Flashing "4wd Light".

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Re: Permanent Fix For Flashing "4wd Light".

Unread post by Sam Pato » February 23rd, 2015, 1:11 pm

I ought to add to this that if anyone needs;

A pattern solenoid
A metal bracket
The end off a walking stick

I have spares...................

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Re: Permanent Fix For Flashing "4wd Light".

Unread post by Roachie » September 26th, 2015, 10:34 am

I've just bought a 1998 PA with the dreaded flashing 4x4 light on the dash. This thread has been great and has pointed me towards the necessary "fix".

Given that this vehicle is only going to be a daily driver and not used for off-road work very much (if at all), I just ordered a pair of these ... EBIDX%3AIT hubs. They should fit the bill as a means of saving the front drive train from wear and tear as well as enabling me to lock the diff solenoid in the ON position.

I've just taken off the 2 bash plates to change the engine and gearbox oils and had a bit of a look at the diff while I was there. I also removed the 2 front hubs in readiness for fitting the manual locking hubs when they arrive. Just put the plastic covers back on for the meantime. It helps to have a set of circlip pliers....makes the job easy.

Tomorrow I plan to change the coolant (I think it only has water in there at present) and will start to dismantle the solenoid on the diff. I haven't been able to locate the 2 diff solenoids that are supposed to be near/behind the headlight...mine has a lot of LPG crap mounted around that area. I've also ordered a Engine Saver Low Water Alarm for this car too: . Even though it's only a $2K vehicle, it still deserves to have some protection from loss of coolant in my opinion.



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