Generation 1 Pajero NA - NG Models 1983 - 1991

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Re: Generation 1 Pajero NA - NG Models 1983 - 1991

Unread post by PAJ35T » October 28th, 2014, 7:32 am

Hi all,

Couple of shots of the new 4by I picked up a couple weeks ago. Just something to have a bit of fun in without being too concerned of scuffing it up a bit.

First day.




Some longer shocks, 2 inch body lift and 2nd hand tyres to get started and check clearances before I lash out on a decent set of rubber. Still waiting on my 2 inch rear coils to arrive although I think it could have a mild lift already? Can anyone tell from the first pic?



Not a great deal planned trying to keep the budget down but just chipping away at the maintenance items.

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Re: Generation 1 Pajero NA - NG Models 1983 - 1991

Unread post by oldtimer_ncjero » November 7th, 2014, 1:45 pm

Hi Guys,
I suppose it's about time I posted something, so here we go:

I have a shorty NC 1985 model in gold paintwork, that I bought in 1989 and still own today. It did some bush work in the early nineties, mainly firetrails in the north east ranges (Victoria), most of which are now closed off. Nowadays it's my runabout that mainly drives to the station every day. What I liked most about the shorty Pajero is that not only is it a very capable off roader, but it's a delight to drive around the suburbs, and that's why I still have it today. But I find it's a pain to drive it on the highway, being noisy and thirsty, so for that I have a corolla wagon.

I recently had it roadworthied, which caused me to get a heap of work done on it that I'd been putting off for years. It's now like a brand new vehicle, so it was worth every cent. I have no plans to ever sell this 80's classic, as we have been through too much together.

So what features does it have and what has been done to it apart from the occasional maintenance?
Alloy bar (came with it)
rear step (came with it)
tow bar (came with it)
air conditioning (came with it)
standard road grippers on 16inch steel rims
Genie extractors
two and a half inch exhaust, and this vehicle did not need a convertor!
Rear ARB air locker
raised rear leaf springs
wound up front torsion bars
tinted windows
non-powered steering. Gives the arms a good workout and saves a gym membership. And one less thing to break down. :frog:
bonus vinyl floorings instead of what would have been filthy carpets by now
antique radio cassette that still works, and I keep some tapes in the glove box for it!! :lol:
front speakers installed in door cavity (came with them)

Planned or considering:
Weber carby upgrade (in progress)
interior roof console (when I decide what I'm gonna build)
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Gauges (volts, amps, oil pressure, fuel pressure, etc)

There's an ongoing battle against rust, which is now under control. I seek out and fix any bubbles in the paintwork and fix the underside coating when it gets chipped. Unfortunately the rust got into the firewall and the bonnet was hanging on by a slender strip of metal. I got my friendly neighbourhood panel man to weld some steel plates into place with great effect. For some bizarre reason the bonnet hinges rusted out completely although the rest of the firewall has no rust at all. I took the precaution of priming and painting in there to make sure there are no more rust issues in that area in future.

It's done 325,000 km, had the usual Mitsubishi gearbox upgrade at about 140,000 km, also replaced the rear diff and installed the ARB at about the same time. Apart from blowing an alternator and fuel pump it's always been reliable and runs beautifully, although with poor economy, today.

Pics? Of course:

Wherein I show that in 1990 desert duellers were not really suitable for sticky red clay, and it is not possible to recover using a long stick shoved under a wheel.

Creek Crossing in Victoria's north east in 1990

Snow in Victoria's foothills in 1995

Damien posing with my jalopy in 1990

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1985 NC shorty

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Re: Generation 1 Pajero NA - NG Models 1983 - 1991

Unread post by Kilbane2011 » November 23rd, 2014, 4:15 pm

G'day fellas I'm new to the forum. Here is my 1990 3l Pajero I've owned it for about 6 months now I bought it off my old man for a bargain price of just $1500, she had a low klm motor out in a few years ago and thousands spent since. She's pretty stock for now. I've put driving lights on, working lights, muddies, roof racks, recently I bought a hight lift jack and awning so I am soon to mount those, future mods include a 2 inch lift,roof basket, snorkel for better air flow and a few other things
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Re: Generation 1 Pajero NA - NG Models 1983 - 1991

Unread post by miztabitchy59 » December 2nd, 2014, 10:03 am

Hi all
This is my 1st post and am new to owning pajero's , i decided to get a 93 gls for my gf as they seem to be pretty much bullet proof . It has been converted to 3000 from 3500 and at a guess i would say its seen well over half a mill km , and in saying that it has very few probs to bring it up to scratch. Well nothing that cant be rectified by throwing $$$$ at it.
I was so impressed about the robust construction i scored myself a 1990 NG with a stack of options that some one was using as a parts car , with only a few things missing from it , like , grill and front lights, shocks , dizzy , front diff drive shafts n auto hubs . The front suspension seats won me along with the electric windows & sun roof and the cloth interior in good nick. The other day we bought a 92 gls as a parts car with 360k on the clock reasonably cheap . I'll soon be hunting a diff for the NG however a quick look shows no provision for a vacuum activated solenoid for the front diff . So i pose a couple of questions . 1. Does the NG diff have the vacuum activated solenoid , if not what should i look for. 2. Being that there is no auto free wheeling hubs on this vehicle i intend to put manual lockers in , which mitzu hubs will fit i.e triton blaa blaa or should i look at after market stuff. Really looking forward to getting this thing amidst some nasty territory :twisted:
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Re: Generation 1 Pajero NA - NG Models 1983 - 1991

Unread post by trent98 » February 12th, 2015, 7:11 pm

hi guys I'm new to all this, i got a 1984 swb pajero 2.6l 4cylinder, it has extracters, new carby, sport seats, spotties on the front bulbar and on the roof rack, it has a work light on the back also. its had a 2" body lift. i just wanted to show my new paj and was wondering what you all think of it and if you could also give me a hand with mods cheers :D
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Re: Generation 1 Pajero NA - NG Models 1983 - 1991

Unread post by Les - PK Ranger » March 24th, 2016, 3:47 am

Been a while since anyone posted here, just picked up an '88 NF Superwagon, 3.0 V6, manual.
99% original, no rust, never been in a accident, a few tidy up things to do.

Have only cleaned up, cut and polished it, blackened a bit here and there (wipers, mirror arms / heads, spare wheel bracket).
Still little things to tidy up gradually, straighten side step RHS, blacken under wheel arches, bullbar, rear bar, and maybe 20 - 30 minor dents I will PDR to fix.

Whacked it in 4h and 4l last night and sweet :)
Done 265k, for 27-1/2 year old vehicle that's a reasonable 9500km or so a year.
First 4 years of it's life was NT based, bought by mate here in Adelaide '92, and he only used it town / highway until I bought my Ranger in 2011, and convinced him to join me on some trips this thing was made for !! :)
It's been across the Simmo, 117lt, not bad.

It's a project vehicle, not sure what I'll do with it long term, maybe use for short / close trips, and keep the Ranger for desert / long touring, as it's set up for distance / remote. ... jpg.36029/ ... jpg.36030/ ... jpg.36033/

So comfy, has drivers and front pax suspension seats, and the rear coils very nice compared to 300kg constant rear leafs in the Ranger ute :)
Very much fun to drive this old Pajero.

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