2015 pajero gls and towing

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2015 pajero gls and towing

Unread post by nao » May 6th, 2015, 11:14 pm

looking to buy one in the not too distant future and modding for long distance touring with all the usuals including a 2" bilstien lift.

someone mentioned to me that you can't open the rear door while a van is attached because the spare wheel hits the van hitch.
(towing a jayco flamingo outback),

wondering if anyone can elaborate …..


Shann Low
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Re: 2015 pajero gls and towing

Unread post by Shann Low » May 6th, 2015, 11:54 pm

What you need to ensure, before you buy the vehicle - is that there will be no 'interference' between the rear door with spare wheel attached - when it opens (presumably barn door style or tailgate style) and the draw bar and hitch on the Jayco camper.

It's about whats mounted to the front of the draw bar and what height the tow hitch will sit at when fitted presumably after purchase!.

So how do you know this factor before you buy the new vehicle?

Well that is the issue, if the barn door hits the top of the tow hitch handle - or say a spare wheel or jockey wheel handle on the camper A frame / draw bar - you won;t be able to access the rear interior of the Paj while the trailer is coupled up!.

If the rear door drops down like a tailgate - then you don't want the skin of the tailgate being dented by the handle on top of the trailer coupler.

So for e.g. - say you have a fridge freezer in the back of your vehicle and wish to stop and access a cold drink along the road - if you have to uncouple your trailer every time to get the door open without damaging it - this will grow really old really fast!

You can get height adjustable hitches - that you can raise or lower by altering the bolt holes selection but you also don't want the hitch so low that your safety chains are dragging on the road either - just so the rear door on the vehicle will clear the top of the coupler handle (jockey wheel or trailer spare tire on the draw bar.

Best idea ids to probably look at other new Paj that have aftermarket or OEM tow bars fitted and "see" (measure) how much height clearance and rearward opening clearance you have to the various components of your trailer & the rear door of the vehicle.

Example of a height adjustable tow hitch.

Ideally you want your trailer to sit level or just a tad low at the front when coupled up & to have enough clearance to all the aforementioned hitch handle spare and jockey wheel etc - when the rear door or tailgate on the vehicle is opened up with the trailer connected to the vehicle.

When your traveling, and in and out of the vehicle multiple times every day, this becomes an issue of you don't have the space needed to clear all obstacles on the trailer with the door or tailgate.

If its possible to damage the vehicle rear door or tailgate on the trailer coupler etc - even if YOUR aware of it - there will come a day when someone else is NOT aware of it, & will dent up[ your new cars rear door/tailgate - by opening it and the wind blows it out of their hand or dropping the tailgate all the way onto the top of the coupler handle and dent's it up.

Its worth the timer and effort when buying a new vehicle to make sure that it is compatible with the trailer you already own and plan to tow with it.

Often demo new vehicles are not fitted with tow bars so you may not find there's an interference issue until after you buy the new vehicle - and then your only options are to modify the trailer setup or sell it and buy another that will fit etc.

Just do your homework first is all.

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Re: 2015 pajero gls and towing

Unread post by nao » May 7th, 2015, 10:31 pm

thanks for the response. happy to hear from anyone with a pay and feedback..

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Re: 2015 pajero gls and towing

Unread post by abw1 » May 11th, 2015, 9:25 am

You can get a spare wheel lift kit (Mitsubishi accessory), which offsets the spare up to clear the trailer hitch.

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Re: 2015 pajero gls and towing

Unread post by nao » May 24th, 2015, 9:52 pm

thanks abw

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Re: 2015 pajero gls and towing

Unread post by Matt RA7 Rodeo » May 27th, 2015, 5:41 am

There are different hitches that have different heights, so if the hitch on your trailer interferes with the rear door opening you could look at changing the hitch.

I have also seen where someone has cut the loop off of the top of the handle on the hitch and welded it back on to the side of the hitch.
So the handle sticks out horizontally from the top of the hitch instead of sticking up vertically.

It only made an inch or twos difference to the height of the hitch, but it was enough to get the clearance for the back door.

Pajeros have one big barn door on the back, so the extra length of the door, as it swings out, may interfere with things, like toolboxes, mounted on the draw bar of the trailer.

The spare Tyre is mounted on the back door and may cause issues with clearance getting some hitches onto the towball.

There is a Bracket that mitsubishi sell that raises the spare tyre by 50mm, which allows more clearance for getting the hitch on and off the towball.

The lifting bracket bolts to the spare tyre mount and has new mounting points for the spare higher up.

Once you have your setup sorted there wont be any problems and you should get many good years towing out of the Pajero.


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Re: 2015 pajero gls and towing

Unread post by MadMick77 » November 7th, 2015, 12:55 am

I own a GLS 15 and had the lift plate put on and had no dramas with height clearance just length of door issues. When planning your rear setup just keep that in mind that the passenger side is where you put the stuff you will access most.
I then put 32" MTs on and it all changed. I can fit the tyre in the spare wheel cover without cutting it to pieces however to do that you will need to remove the lift plate. Because of the 1" bigger diameter wheel I'm now 13mm lower than the original setup. I can't clear the standard 50mm ball hitch on the box trailer and I don't clear the trigg hitch on the camper. I've now bought an ARK off-road coupling that's uses the 3.5t ball and is a low profile.

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