what should i look for before buying a series landy??

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what should i look for before buying a series landy??

Unread post by pickstock » September 9th, 2010, 2:00 pm

hey guys im tempted to buy my self a series land drover, i think the one ive got my eye on is a series 2.
but what should i be looking for in checking it over?? whats an easy fix and i can get my hands on

on a side note if you think you have a landrover i might be interested in
im after any old school stuff
with all the PTO trimmings, im also looking for some PTO gear to go with it.

thanks spike

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Re: what should i look for before buying a series landy??

Unread post by Psimpson7 » September 9th, 2010, 4:15 pm

Overall condition in terms of rust is probably the most serious thing to look for.

Especially as it could be as early as 1958 for a series 2, so they are pretty old and now a classic really.

I have a series 3 aswell as a Defender, and have had loads over the years.

So I would say. check for rust in, and not limited too:

Chassis dumb irons at the front where the bumper fits
Chassis rear crossmember
Chassis spring hangers, especially both ends of the rear springs
Chassis Outriggers

They are a bit random when it comes to where rust may start!

Also firewall, especically around the top door hingers, the pillars, and footwells.

Door frames and tops also can rust.

Mechanically they are pretty strong.

parts are easy and cheap to get, either here or from the UK

All the above is reasonably easy to repair

The original 2.25l engines are quite relieable and wll go for ever if looked after.
Gearbox wont have syncro apart from 3rd-4th

Probably loads of other stuff I have missed. Is it a swb or lwb?

The lwb may have a Salisbury rear diff assy (Dana 60 derivative)

http://WWW.AULRO.COM should be your first port of call really.

Good luck!

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Re: what should i look for before buying a series landy??

Unread post by Muckinhell » September 9th, 2010, 6:09 pm

I have a series 3 diesel ute for sale. I bought to use as a fun vehicle and for a work ute but work ended up giving me a ute anyway, so no longer needed.

It has a pto winch as well and is in top nick with no rust other than surface rust in the areas mentioned above. i have done some work and replaced some bits and pieces etc.
I have it advertised on the aulro forum with full list there, its the last one in the markets section if you are going to look there, or pm me i can send some photos etc.
Im in hervey bay qld 3.5 hrs north of brisbane. looking for $2500.

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