Got or want bigger tyres? Come in here!

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Got or want bigger tyres? Come in here!

Unread post by Nemesis » September 12th, 2014, 4:26 pm

Originally started as a research topic years ago in the utes sections, the tyre topics are so popular it's time to start an new info archive in each sub section, not just for the ute people!

What we want is a collective tried and tested database of info on what works for your model fourby. No hearsay!

So, if you have upgraded your tyre size, let us know what had to be done and whether there is any or no scrubbing. What year/model, how much suspension lift, body lift, wheel off set, guard cutting/massaging, gear changes etc? You get the drift.

Fire away and feel free to post supporting pictures!
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Re: Got or want bigger tyres? Come in here!

Unread post by MarkIIa » September 16th, 2014, 9:33 am

'85 110 County, with 255/85/16 Bighorns on zero offset rims.
No cutting, adjusting or other modifications required, however the tyres do rub on the flares at full tuck-see photo. I have also adjusted the steering stops to give BETTER turning circle over standard. My County has an ~40mm suspension lift, but that has no bearing on tyre size as the same compression travel is available as at standard ride height.. No body lift required.


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