thinking of buying a defender

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thinking of buying a defender

Unread post by Downesy » October 14th, 2010, 7:43 pm

hey guys
at the moment i am driven a suzuki seirra which i love but its time for something a bit biger i hav been thinking a defender 90 as they are like a seirra not everyone has one and that. I would jst lik to no how much they are to modifiy and how are they to drive like comfit wise and how much room is in the back any help would be great please.
cheers sean

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Re: thinking of buying a defender

Unread post by Psimpson7 » October 14th, 2010, 9:50 pm

Hi Sean,

What age 90 are you looking at?

Basically you only have 2 options.

2003-2005 will get you in a TD5. These basically start at about $24/5k

The only other option you have is 2010 onwards when LR reintroduced them to the market.

They are pretty simple, very good off road, have a very high tow and load capactity, are good on fuel, and very unique.

On the downside, they are cramped inside, are quite crude etc etc.

The newer one has (Puma) had far better Aircon, and dashboard layout, but loses the vents in the firewall.

I have a TD5. It has been pretty reliable and been used very hard.

http://WWW.AULRO.COM will give you more info. There are a lot of owners of both versions on there who will be able to provide you with loads more detail.

I would say they are probably the 2nd most modified 4wd in the world after the Wrangler.

Tons of parts are available in the UK and US as well as over here. I get stuff sent over all the time.

The back can hold quite a lot of stuff, but you have to pack high. The wheel boxes intrude a bit, and the back door isn't super wide.

Go and drive one and see what you think.


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