1999 manual td5 - CDL

Disco Stu td5
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1999 manual td5 - CDL

Unread post by Disco Stu td5 » February 9th, 2012, 8:38 pm

Hey guys,
fairly new to the forum but im starting to get into it. I bought a disco 2 after seeing dads disco 1 V8 in action and loved it, had no issues and goes anywhere, especially with muddies. I do however have a couple of questions:

CDL. I read some other posts/threads and realise that LR took out the CDL as the D2 has TC. Is this really effective? When i put my D2 in LOW, is there any locking at all?? Other fulltime 4WDs, ie: toyota 80 series automatically engage the centre diff lock when in low. I know i can get a lever kit and cable kit installed and enable the CDL but i got quoted around $800 parts and fitted, when i can get a ARB locker for around $1500...


My Tracion control seems to work, but sometimes it sounds like marbles in a can, im told this is normal???

I would apreciate any advice you could give a new landy lover!


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Re: 1999 manual td5 - CDL

Unread post by LUX65 » April 3rd, 2012, 8:12 pm

If have a bit of mechanical ability you can get the cable actuator for approx $450.
Another good place for info is www.aulro.com

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Re: 1999 manual td5 - CDL

Unread post by Psimpson7 » April 3rd, 2012, 8:36 pm

With your being a 1999 it should have the diff lock in the transfer case, just no lever. As below you can buy these from places like http://www.ashcrofttransmissions.co.uk/ ... ductId=137

They arent that hard to fit.

Without it the traction control isnt as good as it is with one.

Even fitting a locker wont help much if you cant lock the centre diff, as the power will just spin away at the end of the car with the least traction.

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