td5 disco

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td5 disco

Unread post by franny » December 22nd, 2010, 9:09 pm

hay guys, been looking to upgrade my old patrol. First thoughts were dualcabs, than petrol/wagond on gas. But after all thoughts and suggestion from the forum and waying up the pros and cons ive set my mind on a turbo deisel wagon.

Td5 disco is far better value for money, than the usual tojo and nissan contenders. With a budget of 20g even a few 04 model are in the ball park.

* Does an 04 model have a CDL? if so is it set up to be activated in cab?
* The 04 models seem to mostly have rear airbags, are there any issues in removing them and just running a stardard 2"lift setup?
* Td5 dicos have a 3.5t towing rate? looking at the specs compared to other TD's its not the most powerfull, yet the others then lower towing rates? How do these td5 perform in real life?
* Ok so from what ive read there is some sensor ABS i think that should be upgraded? " to prevent thr 3 amigos" Some harness should be upgraded? cant remember were. Oil pump bolt checked " lock tight bolts". is there any other preventive things with infamous electrical dramas i should be aware of??????

And just realy like any feedback on how these td5's engines perform. Seen some impressive power/torque figures from re-maped ECU's, or new chips ect. Cheers guys.....

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Re: td5 disco

Unread post by Rain Maker » December 23rd, 2010, 8:48 am

Hey Franny,

An annoying answer I know but check out if you haven't already, any query or question about LR's and someone there will know it and no doubt any questions you have will have been asked and answered before, very informative site. Your CDL question for instance is answered on there, some models have nothing, some have the internal mechanics but no in cab activation and some are fully fitted and functional. All depends on the year of manufacture and I can't recall the exact details so don't want to give you a bum steer.
I've only had limited time behind the wheel (My parents have one) but I was very impressed with the TD5, it just effortlessly lugs along all day and I never found it wanting for more power. Very reasonable on fuel too though I can't recall exact figures.
I'm sorely tempted by the last '04 models, they represent fantastic buying, solid axles, great flex, loaded with creature comforts and plenty of aftermarket gear available. By far the most common advice you will hear is 'service history' finding a vehicle with well documented service history is the key when considering a Disco. For all their quirks and other issues (ie the 3 amigos as you mentioned) there are well documented fixes and preventative measures available on aulro.

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Re: td5 disco

Unread post by Psimpson7 » December 23rd, 2010, 2:38 pm

Hi Franny,

In addition to RM's comments.

basically 1999-2000 will have the diff lock internals, but no operating lever, 2001-2002 have neither, and 2003-2004 have the whole lot back again.

2003/04 are the best option as they have a number of improvements especially the external cosmetics.

In terms of economy you should get around 10-11 l/100 km

So in answer to your questions.

04 will have the centre diff lock with mechanism exactly tme same as Defender so thats a massive bonus.

No issues atall. I have an 03 which actually left the factory coil sprung. The only slight issue is that 7 seats were I believe only type approved with the air suspension on the rear, but there are no physical issues with swapping the bags for coils.

Would you be looking at an Auto or Manual. They cope fine really, although the manual can be a bit hard work starting off with big loads. You can chip them to produce big power.

The oil pump bolt is well worth checking. If you are slightly handy with spanners do it yourself when you service it. Just drop the sump, remove and refit bolt and put back together. Should take about 2 hours

The 3 amigos can be casued by a few things, but a faulty modulator (normally the switch pack) is common. A new modulator is about $1600 from LR, but I have just changed the switch pack in ours which cost $160 took about 90 minutes and has fixed it. There is a fix where you can tweak the wiring but I decided to do the switches instead.


Going back to the power I run a chip from TD5Inside in my td5 Def90. It is about 170bhp and that is plenty! You can fit a larger intercooler, 3" exhaust and chip and realistically get around 200bhp or so.

Here's my D2A (03 V8 Manual)


AULRO is a great forum.

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Re: td5 disco

Unread post by Rob W » December 24th, 2010, 5:47 pm

Basically the '3 Amigoes' (when the ABS, TC & HDC error lights all come on) will occur whenever there is a fault in the in the ABS system as the ABS module controls not only the anti-lock brakes, but the Traction Control and the Hill Descent.

I had my module replaced for approximately $1300, but now the lights are back. This time it's a faulty sensor which needs replacing.

I agree 100% with Rain Maker on service history. My TD5 has almost 384,000kms on the dial, yet runs like clockwork. I put this down to continuous regular servicing by the same Land Rover expert its entire life.
Low km examples may look like the right way to go, but if there is a sporadic or non-existant service history walk away.

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Re: td5 disco

Unread post by LUX65 » January 18th, 2011, 5:09 pm

Most things have been covered but yes there is a wealth of information on aulro. After owning an air bag model & coil sprung model I would rather the air bag,easy to do a 2'' lift

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