tyre size 18in rims

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tyre size 18in rims

Unread post by LRdaniel » October 18th, 2010, 10:48 pm

im wondering if someone could tell me how wide i can go with tires on the disco 2...i have a set of standerd land rover rims that are 18in. they are wider than normal 18x8J to the normal 16x6J. stardard size is 255/55R18. im looking for something like a 33" tire on an 18in rim and has proven to be very expensive and a little hard to find. i have found 305/60R18 on mud terrains which i think it might be way too wide for the car but the are smaller in diameter than a 33". the 255/55 is fairly close to the wheel arch already. i also found a set of 275/70R18 but is slightly bigger in diameter than a 33" and im worried about the clearence. the car has a 2in suspencion lift. i have been looking around 16" land rover rims but i dont like how skinny they are, so im willing to spend around $580 on 18"s. ive seen disco 2s around with 275/60/18 on STT cooper but now they only produce the 275/70 or 305/60R18

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Re: tyre size 18in rims

Unread post by BMKal » October 24th, 2010, 12:31 pm

The Disco 2 also had 16x8 rims as an option. Mine's running these. Haven't seen too many around, but they are out there, and have seen them advertised.

Gives you a few more choices in tyre size.

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