Suzuki Jimny Modifications

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Re: Suzuki Jimny Modifications

Unread post by gecko270 » April 10th, 2012, 1:00 pm

G'day Little Foot,
Noticed your from Adelaide. You might want to give Oondy a bell at
He helped me out a lot when I owned my Jimny. He can source pretty much everything your after and is a local. Tell him gecko sent you and he should look after you.

99' HZJ105 Green Bus.
Lifted & barred up. Long range tank. 50L water tank on 33" Cooper STT's.

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Re: Suzuki Jimny Modifications

Unread post by sam_516 » February 7th, 2013, 4:57 pm

Hi late reply but I just brought a 98 jimny and all its parts came from they are really helpfull, also I have 31" x 10.5 bighorns on her, 3" coil lift 2" body and guards chopped out with the plastic flairs put back over to make it look neat an tidy and I get full flex no scrub
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98 suzuki jimny

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Re: Suzuki Jimny Modifications

Unread post by Fishing Nut » March 11th, 2013, 10:06 am

G'day Everybody! - First time on this forum but not new to 'Zuks - Started in the last century with a brand new LJ540, took it up Cape York and Fraser Island.

Been through another 4 machines, many fishing trips up North and recently sold my last Sierra after an 11-year love affair. Cracked a piston in it (only mechanical failure in my Suzukis). That finished up with a Jap Swift GTI heart, heavy duty clutch and suspension. No other mods, running on Coopers and frightening the Bejeezus out of anybody stopped beside me at the lights.

Take your time Little Foot - Suzukis are a good machine to start with. I'm about to buy a new Jimny and I won't be doing too much to it. I want good long mileage out of it plus reliability. I'll keep the original wheels in the garage and put some Coopers on for trips. I'll be towing a Quinnie 430 Top Ender behind this one so my mods will be around that.

Winch - not fixed to the front but on a plate with a tow hitch on it. Towballs front and rear on the Jimny.
Diff breathers mounted high in the engine bay fitted with filters.
Alloy bull bar - not that they protect much - just a good platform for lights, antennas, towball.
Lights - upgrade the headlights to the max and 4 small driving lights - 2 ahead and 2 to the sides (bloody wildlife - no brains)
2nd battery - sealed lead-acid gel. Not cheap but allowable inside (got a fridge to run)
No need for extra fuel - there is plenty all the way around the Top now.
Roof bars - for rods and a couple of bits of Maxtrack.
Communications? - Well, I'm lucky. I work in the radio trade and have an Amateur licence as well. Too complicated to go into details here but happy to provide expert help to forum users.
Engine mods? None at this stage but I might if the new rocket lacks a bit of towing grunt.
Finally - the usual plethora of spare fuel filters, tools, recovery bits, camping and cooking stuff.
Enjoy your new wheels Little Foot, It'll give you a lot of pleasure

PS: I'm not totally biased - had a short wheel-based 'Cruiser with a Chevy 350 in it, That was a 2-year break in my Suzuki love affair.

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Re: Suzuki Jimny Modifications

Unread post by ZookFastback » March 11th, 2013, 9:05 pm

How's that Zook modifying going? Got any pics yet?


With the filters, I stayed with the stock paper filter and added a pre-filter to get rid of most of the courser material to save changing the paper filter so often. It just bolted onto the top of my snorkel.


For "get up and go" i replaced the 400cpsi cat with a 100cpsi cat and 2" exhaust system. Goes much better and sounds cool too!

For off-road traction I went for a front auto-locker as that way I don't have to put up with the ratcheting noise as you only get it when 4wd is engaged.

Changed the look of the back many years ago as I normally only have the one passenger or go on my own so removed rear seats and squared off the floor then made up a fastback type rear tonneau.
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