2012 jimny facelift bullbar problems

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2012 jimny facelift bullbar problems

Unread post by seighcret » April 13th, 2013, 8:32 pm

Hi all,

I have recently purchased a 2012/2013 Jimny Sierra. I specifically bought it as a cheap yet fun run around and the fact that, although its small, its a "real" 4WD on a proper chassis. By running around, I mean weekly trips back and forth between Wanaaring and Tibooburra, far north western NSW. The roads I travel on are very remote and have SERIOUS kangaroo issues - I really need a proper steel bulbar before I dare travel the road regularly. Unfortunately, it appears that none of the large manufacturers (ARB, TJM etc) want to make a bulbar to fit the "facelift" Jimny. The only one that seems to even want to consider fitting a bar on the 2013 model is XROX - and that's only from what I read on another forum. They look like a good bar but unfortunately, don't seem to offer much protection from anything other than a direct strike in the centre of the bar. The wings offer no protection for the headlights and I wouldnt be surprised if an offset strike would cause enough damage to write the car off (and worse, cause serious injuries in a very remote environment.

It seems like no company wants to look at the 2012/2013 model. Might it be that they suspect this is the last production year for the Jimny in its current form? Will this mean there might NEVER be a proper bar designed/made for the "facelift" model? (by the way, the bonnet scoop is blanked off - its totally useless and there for looks only).

Looks like my new little Jimny might be stuck in the shed forever at this rate. I NEED a proper bullbar on this thing one way or another - soon. Can anyone help with suggestions? I am willing to travel basically anywhere in Australia for this. Does anyone know a place that will custom make a decent bar that will pass the scrutiny of an insurance company (airbag/ADR compliance etc). Surely the 2013 chassis cant be that much different from its predecessor, can it? Seems silly that I find myself in the situation where I bought a brand new Jimny, only to find out afterward that I should have bought an older, secondhand one!

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Re: 2012 jimny facelift bullbar problems

Unread post by SpikeJones » April 23rd, 2013, 7:24 pm

hey mate cant help you with where to buy a new bull bar but,
my mate owns a facelift jimny and when he went into arb and asked them about a bull bar for the new one
they said obviously that there is nothing out yet buy its on the drawing board at the moment in the factory
and they took his name and number down for when they come into stock or whatever
we live in townsville so maybe you could quiz you local ARB about it
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Re: 2012 jimny facelift bullbar problems

Unread post by Natovall » May 16th, 2013, 2:21 am

Hey mate there is bullbars coming out next week for your model from outback accessories Australia there the producers of xrox they have 2 bars the xrox and a normal bar there contact is 08 9417 1588,

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