Zook lower on the right.

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Zook lower on the right.

Unread post by LUX0814 » June 27th, 2015, 8:48 pm

G'day Guys,

So ive got a 94 Sierra that is lower on the right hand side of the vehicle.
What could be the possible cause of the car being lower on the right?
Ill try and get some photos to better describe the situation.


Peter Aawen
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Re: Zook lower on the right.

Unread post by Peter Aawen » June 27th, 2015, 9:16 pm

Why is this so?? There's a few things it could be, damaged suspension or steering components, poor wheel alignment, etc, but most likely in a 1994 vehicle like yours it's cos it's getting a bit oldish. Consider, the driver sits on the right hand side of the car all of the time the vehicle is moving & working the springs (at least in Aust) so most cars are set up with their springs just a tad higher on the right from new - someone buys the car, driver sits in the car, springs settle, car's now level..... but then when that's gone on for a few years or 10 (orright, maybe even 21!! :eek:) the springs end up sagged on the side that gets worked the most/all the time (ie, the RHS) and the vehicle ends up sagged on the RHS like yours!!

If the springs are interchangeable left to right, you could swap them over to level the vehicle out a bit; or you could maybe get a new set of standard or even lifted springs. But then the vehicle would probably end up a little high on the right, maybe even as much as 40mm or so~! At least until the springs settled & maybe sagged a bit! ;)

Similarly, many 4WD's, include pretty much most of the 4WD utes & wagons ever made, are made with the rear of the car set somewhat higher than the front (could be ask much as 50-70mm brand new!!) That's done on purpose so that when you put a load in the back, the vehicle will still remain reasonably level & your lights won't be possum spotting at night-time, and so that the bum doesn't drag on the ground when the springs have sagged a bit over time - as they WILL!! But then lots of people who just don't have any clue about this sort of stuff wonder why this is so, & go out and either raise the front or lower the back to make their ute/wagon level when it's new & unladen.... and then PDQ end up with the vehicle's bum dragging on the ground, often as soon as they put their lunch & a slab in the back! :eek: Buuut, some people just won't be told! :sillywink:
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