Suzuki sierra running shabby..

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Suzuki sierra running shabby..

Unread post by sullyzuki94 » October 26th, 2014, 7:41 pm

Hey Everyone,

I have a Suzuki sierra 94 and it has recently been playing up.
I turned my car on the other day and it was sitting on 2-2.5 revs without dropping. I turned my car off, had taken the key out and it continued to shudder as if it couldn't turn off.
turns out my radiator was empty but i had only refilled it about 3 weeks ago. I turned the car on again, the revs went down like normal but water was leaking out of the front gasket near the water pump (as I have been told).
The car then began to lose power completely and turn off when i would stop at the lights. I drove about 100km yesterday and the revs started sitting above 2 when in neutral and now I cannot get over 20kms p/h without the car jumping….
Any ideas on what to do?

Thanks guys!

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