Is a Grand Cherokee 2004 2.7 CRD a good buy?

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Is a Grand Cherokee 2004 2.7 CRD a good buy?

Unread post by wickevans » January 5th, 2016, 5:29 pm

Looking at a Grand Cherokee 2004 2.7 CRD at 160xxxks and am after peoples opinions/problems/experience with these cars. i'd like to know anything that would be worth while knowing. eg fuel economy, reliability, parts cost, how hard they are to work on etc.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Re: Grand Cherokee 2004 2.7 CRD good buy?

Unread post by Clarkey16 » January 6th, 2016, 8:48 pm

Engine & transmission are made by Mercedes Benz,
Look for signs of injector blow by under the engine cover (Known as "Black Death") not as bad as it sounds if caught early enough. Injectors just need to be removed & re-seated with new seals.

no dip stick to check fluid so its hard to tell if fluid has been changed at all. Check service records

Front Prop shaft (drive shaft) from transfer case to diff have CV's not uni's & suffer from boot failure causing CV failure.

2 4wd types
Quadra drive with front & rear LSD's
Quadra track with open centre's
There is no traction control in WG/J grands

Brake disks have been known to warp due to the use of heavy duty hard brake pad's (over heats them). Plenty of after market disks that don't have this issue.

Heater "blend door" failure. there is a door in the heater box that automatically opens & closes to regulate the temp in the cabin. Check the operation of the heater (doesn't need to be hot) & make sure you can switch between dash/vent/floor on BOTH sides. There is an after market fix that is sold on eBay.

Cost of ownership? :eek:
Depends on how handy you are? If you need a stealership to do your servicing then say goodbye to your wallet.
Source you spare parts from the US & UK & you will be miles ahead. Mann make all filters Jeep sell for this model so buy direct & save. :thumb:

in standard trim & road tyres expect 8 on the HWY & 10 around town. If towing you should average 17.

With a lift, bar work & all terrains/Mud's HWY should be 10/11 & town 12/13. I have the model after this (3 litre) & I averaged 19L over 6000km towing my 2T van to the NT & back sitting on 110kph where allowed.

Bloke's I know who own them love them, if you keep up the maintenance they are great. If you don't then you pay for your neglect.

A few web sites you should visit ... .php?f=130
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