WJ V8 service intervals? Looking fwd to big service bills?

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WJ V8 service intervals? Looking fwd to big service bills?

Unread post by richard300 » September 5th, 2015, 8:30 pm

Hi Folks....

Find myself wanting a 4x4/SUV.... not so much for going off road, but more for a big luxury car that can (if needed) take me and the family on little mini adventures.

Wasn't particularly looking for a Jeep but for the budget i have, the WJ Limited does have a nice interior, good equipment levels and its a handsome looking car.

I think i have found a particularly nice example, so much so that i am prepared to go V8 instead of i6.... Its a 2000 4.7 Limited that belongs to a local chap who owns a vineyard, and is an Airline pilot for Quantas.He bought the car new when he lived in Sydney and its only covered 84,000 with a full Main dealer history. Its been garaged all its life and genuinely looks and smells like a new car. It's metallic green with caramel leather and apart from a front nudge bar and a tow bar its completely standard.

It seemed to drive faultlessly and i had a really good look around the car... Although i have only just learnt that (apparently) there is a 100% failure rate on the climate control blend flaps - I'll cycle through all the settings when i return to the car. As opposed to just checking that the AC is ice cold -It was.

Insurance seems reasonable and its a given that running a V8 is going to increase the monthly fuel bill. But i was wondering what servicing costs are like? with the car having covered 84.000KM are there some big 100km service bills to look forward too?

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