Got any feedback on WK 2014 Laredo Diesels? looking to buy 1

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Re: Got any feedback on WK 2014 Laredo Diesels? looking to b

Unread post by Clarkey16 » September 29th, 2014, 8:53 pm

You will find a lot of negative on internet forums as this is where people post there questions about troubles they are having in search of answers.

Quadra Trac is the standard 4wd system, I think you mean the Quadra lift system.
Quadra lift seams to be all the rage with the nomadic set as it self levels with the van attached, it can be a bit noisy off road though at full height as it max's out the suspension travel & bangs & clunks around. Once you reach a certain speed the Quadra lift system drops height by itself loosing the extra clearance, not good when you need the extra speed & height heading up Big Red.
There is a LAMS device that has been developed to overcome this but its not an "approved" mod by jeep.

Better value for money in my book is the steel suspension & Off-Road Adventure II with Quadra-Drive® II 4WD system with rear electronic locking limited slip differential & skid plates.

There have been quite a few recalls as well but as long as you have a good service centre (dealer) these are no real problem & are taken care of at service time. Speaking of service time make sure you get a list of service costs, I have heard the 40,000k one is $1000.00.

Have a look at anything WK2 or WKII is what you are looking for.
Check out this guys site
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Re: Got any feedback on WK 2014 Laredo Diesels? looking to b

Unread post by shano_07pjranger » November 24th, 2014, 7:47 am

I bought a GC Laredo 4x4 T/D back in August, have a bit over 5000km on it now, and love it, my wife drives it most of the time, but it goes like stink, the 8 speed auto is smooth as silk, and sips diesel, as suggested, the service department are mongs, but as far as the car goes, we're happy, we use it as a family bus as we needed the room, i have a PJ Ranger I drive, but love getting into the Jeep, great to take on long trips, comfy, powerful, just have a bit of patience for all the melonheads coming out with the "you bought a Jeep, you're gonna need a bigger boat" quotes, every time you see them lol

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