99 nissan terrano 2 2.7 tdi

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Re: 99 nissan terrano 2 2.7 tdi

Unread post by Green T » September 17th, 2012, 1:07 pm

Cheers for the heads up!

I'm guessing that it is just the bushes that have to be done as nothing seems damaged, maybe the tyre guys dont do rebushing and just replace whole parts. The large taper steering system is something i'll keep in mind if i have further probs with tyres scrubbing out and sloppy steering. I think i will order the brace now tho.

I haven't got the chip installed yet, itching to do it but i got the tyres and found i have to do the steering work so that became the priority. I will put my old rims back on until i get that sorted.
Going to contact a guy recommended to me for a quote to install, tune and exhaust. That'll be it for a while.

Have had a bit of a search re: the exhaust and limp mode but cant find anything.
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Re: 99 nissan terrano 2 2.7 tdi

Unread post by Singlespeeder » November 23rd, 2012, 11:00 pm

Hey Green T and Terrano2Buck,

Its been a while and just touching base to see how guys have been getting along with your T2's.

Green T did you get your steering sorted out? Have you had the exhaust done and the module fitted yet?

Terrano2Buck read your post about the front locker, sounds like I need to do this next year. Now you have had the exhaust and module all dialled and on for a month or so. Have you got the fuel economy you were also looking for, the power sounds awesome.

I'm still no weigh bearing on my left leg until Jan and probably won't be walking well until March. So no working or driving my T2 for some time. Have been ordering bits for maintenance when I fit the lift upper arms and re index the torsion bars. Ball joints,bushes, wheel bearing kits. Also been looking into a new clutch. The word about is to stay away from Exedy and look at Clutch Industries 4 Terrain range. I called them direct and spoke to one of the tech guys as they didn't list a kit for the T2 TDi. After a chat we worked out a kit. I have the part numbers for all the components and have ordered one through the local reseller. Apparently the Exedy are harsh, grabby and wear out quickly.
While I'm sorting the front end I'll look into ordering a grassroots centrelink, I'll let you know the freight on that.

Probably get the exhaust done while I can't drive the truck and worry about a module later.

Also been researching wheels and tyres. I would like a 32in but only 9.5in wide. 265/75/16 convert to that sizing but means 6 new wheels. Considering my MTZ are pretty new I don't think I'll worry about this until the tyres are worn out.

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Re: 99 nissan terrano 2 2.7 tdi

Unread post by terrano2buck » January 30th, 2013, 10:02 pm

Upper ball joints available on Ebay. That is where I got mine. Exhaust and diesel smart chip going well. Just been to Fraser Island and the old girl did real well.

2.5 inch mandrel bent custom made exhaust $1100 from a place in Cairns
Diesel Smart module supplied, fitted and dyno tuned with very good results $990
Front Auto 4wd systems Lokka supplied and fitted by my local mechanic $1000

These three items have made a huge difference to my Terrano 2.

When in doubt go to Ebay for parts and try different searches like Nissan Terrano, Terrano 2, Nissan R20 etc. Each search seems to have different stuff on it. I got my Radiator from Ebay for $400 delivered to FNQ. Good quality item.

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Re: 99 nissan terrano 2 2.7 tdi

Unread post by Singlespeeder » March 8th, 2013, 11:52 pm

Hey Guys,

Got the exhaust done last week. Dump pipe had to be custom made, but what a difference it makes. Spools up 1500, full boost at 1700 and pulls heaps better between 3000-4000.I also had a roll of exhaust wrap from my racing days so I had that fitted from the turbo down to the gearbox to keep temps down and help with exhaust flow .
Next is the module, its come down to Steinbauer or Diesel Smart. The but is finding someone in Sydney that can tune it on the dyno with either brand isn't easy. I want to fit the module myself. Can anybody point me in the right direction please?

Thanks SS

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Re: 99 nissan terrano 2 2.7 tdi

Unread post by Jaz » February 18th, 2014, 8:59 am

Hey Folks,

How are you all going with your Terrano's? I'm looking to purchase one, so doing the due diligence on what to look for and what should be done first up - including the AFM.

In terms of mods, how are you doing now with the chips and exhausts and bigger tyres? Fuel economy?

I'm thinking about running waste vegie oil in mine as well, has anyone heard how they take it? I'd be using a full switch over system, with inline heaters, separate tanks, and all that fun stuff.



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