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Re: Info on terrano II

Unread post by hoyks » April 12th, 2014, 3:55 pm

I had mine for 10 years, bought as an ex Nissan exec vehicle with 30000km on the clock and I sold it with around 250000km. It was my favorite car ever. Comfortable and surprisingly capable; I saw in the latest 4WD Action them driving the Daniel's Point Rd in the Wattagans, I did that in the Terrano II.... and got towed out by a Rav 4, so it is surprising where a vehicle can go. I should have kept it.


It was a great car and the only issue i had with it was that when worked hard it ran hot. It never boiled as when the gauge got high the computer cut off the air con and fuel a bit, but the cooling system just lacked the capacity to cope when towing on a hot day or beach work on a hot day.

I did replace a water pump which is the same as a Navara and I picked it up from Repco. Injectors are serviceable in that the nozzles can be bought separate to the whole injector body, they are also used on some Renault models from memory. If the lift sensor in No 1 injector goes, then you are up for a new one.

Wesfill make a replacement air cleaner element that are cheaper than the Ni$$an one, but I just went genuine as it was easier and they gave me a trade discount.

I posted a lot of stuff ... ii#p214523 so if you have a read you will find part numbers and stuff.

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Re: Info on terrano II

Unread post by pedro97 » April 14th, 2014, 6:34 pm

Thanks for that. I have a full workshop manual but some of your comments are outside the manual and relevant. Do all my own oil changes, filters. Found American Baldwin filters very good and cheaper prices than Repco with RACQ discount.
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