terrano II Problem of stuttering

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terrano II Problem of stuttering

Unread post by shayman » November 15th, 2013, 4:23 am

I hope you understand me
If not sorry

nissan terrano2 2.4i

I have a stuttering problem idling
I am driving the car everything is fine and works nicely round
Cnl even after prolonged standing
After a short drive the car heats up it starts to stutter idling
If I run air conditioner does not stutter no nothing
Replaced ignition wires plugs fuel pump fuel filter
And performed all testing to the proper ignition

Engine does not draws air or blower and a good Hkmfrsih

Last week I went after a period of no sand
"Ripped" the car sands
And what happened was added to a new problem
Car stuttered very strong and the clouds of black smoke out the exhaust
Gasoline engine!
No Diesel!

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