D21 pathfinder auto problems?

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D21 pathfinder auto problems?

Unread post by bj033 » January 25th, 2015, 4:20 am

Hi, I have a 94 model d21 v6 petrol automatic pathfinder that won't select drive. Reverse gear is fine but the only way of getting it to select drive gear is by putting it into neutral on the transfer selector. Then selecting drive through the gear selector & then grinding it into low or high range by the transfer shift. It then has drive as normal until you move the gear stick back to neutral or park. Then it doesn't select drive again until going the same procedure. Has any one else had any similar problems or ideas? Ta Glen

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Re: D21 pathfinder auto problems?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » January 26th, 2015, 12:46 pm

Don't go forcing things and grinding gears, even if it is in the transfer case/range selection - do that a lot or maybe just the once too often and you are likely to be looking at spending more than $1000 or so to get it fixed & get your vehicle moving again!! Not worth the risk!! :eek:

It sounds like the auto trans gear selector isn't set up properly - if you've got a workshop manual there should be a section in there on how to adjust it, but if you haven't or aren't prepared to have a go yourself, any reasonable mechanic should be able to do it, an auto trans specialist should be able to sort it in moments once it's on the hoist....

Then again, it could be the internals of the trans, probably will be if it hasn't had regular servicing throughout its life. Dunno why, but many people ignore there auto trans & don't even bother to get the fluid changed - they need servicing just like anything else mechanical, & regular oil/fluid changes help as well. A proper auto trans place should be able to sort your selector problems AND do a service relatively cheaply, and you might even find it improves your fuel economy & makes it drive nicer if it hasn't been done for a while!! ;)

Good Luck!
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