2008 Pathfinder ST -ABS problems -locked up!

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2008 Pathfinder ST -ABS problems -locked up!

Unread post by Jarloo » October 11th, 2014, 12:12 pm

Hi there Guys i have a 2008 Pathfinder ST that has suddenly locked up and would not release, its in the garage at the moment and has had new pads and rotors to front but apparently ABS locks up on start up and will not release the garage are not sure but are suggesting that it is the ABS control module that is at fault but cant seem to find one second-hand, and apparently a new part from Nissan is $6000.00 !!!!!!
Does anyone have any alternative suggestions or opinions or know where i could possibly look for a second had module ?

Part number is 47660 4X50E DE
I really don't have $6000.00 to spend on this car so any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated ,thanks in advance for assistance provided ,

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Re: 2008 Pathfinder ST -ABS problems -locked up!

Unread post by mydmax » October 11th, 2014, 5:31 pm

The only way the ABS can Lock Up on start up is if the control module runs/is running the ABS electric motor pump and the control unit allows pressure to the wheels.
Pull the ABS pump relay and it will resort to a normal, NO ABS vehicle and you can then drive it but without the ABS feature active or protecting you.
I would disconnect EVERY connector and wheel sensor connector associated with the ABS system and test each wheel sensor for the same readings in the coil and make sure ALL connector pins are clean and touching properly. If any of that ISN"T correct it may throw the module into inhibit type mode and do some crazy things.
I am not saying the control unit isn't faulty, but but until you rule out many other associated components and wiring /connectors and their integrity, then buying a new module may prove nothing at all.
So if you aren't equipped to or have the expertise to do some of those checks, a knowledgeable informed mechanic should be able to at least complete some checks and assess the situation. Unfortunately you may have to search for such a person, but as you do with the ABS relay out of the system you should be able to drive it as safely as a normal NON ABS vehicle to seek out a suitable person.


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