Which Pathfinder out of these 3 WX II's??

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Which Pathfinder out of these 3 WX II's??

Unread post by cammo » September 19th, 2013, 12:34 am

Hey guys,
I'm looking at buying a 4wd and I'm thinking a Pathfinder is the way to go.
I'm looking at 3 in particular and need your help on which one

1) 1999 WX II ST looks bog stock and in great condition with roof racks and has done only 97,000kms for $9,980
Just wondering what the cost of the Major 100,000K service is worth?

2) 2003 WX II ST which has a TJM alloy bar and has done 164,000kms for $9,950
How many Ks do you normally get out of these engines?

Or 3) 2001 WX II ST which is stock and has done 114,000kms

Was there any major changes in the pathfinders between 1999 and 2003? Apart of the interior :)

Are there any problems to look out for?

Any help is much appreciated.


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Re: Which Pathfinder out of these 3 WX II's??

Unread post by SMOKEYR50 » November 20th, 2013, 2:06 pm

Hi mate

I've got 2002 R50 Ti - had it for 6 months now, so have been through this process pretty recently.

To answer your questions:

- 100km timing belt change is nothing scary cost wise. For all fluids, filters and belts I'd budget $500 with an independent mechanic, much less if you DIY.

- The engines themselves are bulletproof. They are what Nissan called a 'world motor' so made to run on pretty much the dirtiest fuel if required. As such they're a very low compression engine, which does cost them in power but makes up for it in their ability to just run and run and run. Very understressed motor. Plenty getting around with 250km's plus and no issues.

- The only major change in the later series 2 was the way they selected 4WD. Earlier models had a lever next to the shifter. Later models had the selector dial next the radio. The later models used a different transfer case, and a more sophisticated 4WD system that allows it to shuffle torque to the front wheels when required in 'AUTO' mode.

Only thing to really watch out for is the transmission. It's the achilles heel of this car. Make sure it doesnt slur or hesitate between gears, esp 1 & 2. Anything that has done any towing should have had a trans cooler fitted, and even if you don't plan to do any yourself, fitting a trans cooler is a good insurance policy.

Things to keep in mind when consdering this car

- they're a thirsty car. On petrol they drink, which is why I made sure I bought on on LPG. It still drinks, but it's not as scary.

- they're not that big inside. If you've got a family and you plan to use this as a car for trips, it might get squashy. Especially if you get one on gas and the spare has been moved into the boot.

- there is limited aftermarket available. Things like bullbars, tyre carriers, snorkels etc are pretty limited - and some are hard to get a hold of.

- IFS. The front suspension can only take aobut a 2 inch lift before you start to put the CV joints on angle they won't like.

- I'd go for a Ti - they have nicer seat cloth, cruise control in the later years, sunroof, factory roof rails and crossbars, and the body cladding makes them look a bit tougher.

Hope that gives you a start!

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Re: Which Pathfinder out of these 3 WX II's??

Unread post by cammo » November 26th, 2013, 11:38 pm

Awesome! Thanks heaps for the reply!
I bought one today! A 2004 TI with 126,000ks on it.
Haven't picked it up yet but looking forward to it.
Thanks again for the info! Much appreciated.

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