is this model any good ?

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is this model any good ?

Unread post by LilMissRuffit » June 18th, 2013, 4:29 pm

Hi all.
I have not long been a part of this forum...and I am absolutely new to 4wdriving,....hence my forum name.
Still wondering what to buy.
I have come across a lovely pathfinder WX II Ti MY 2003,
It's a 4 speed auto and has done180,000 kms.
Apparently,...its got lots of extras & from the photos looks in great nic.
The owner say's it's never missed a beat.Does this sound like a good 4wdrive ? looks to be heavy on fuel
but I could have it put on you think ?
Would appreciate feedback.
Regards...( - :
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Re: is this model any good ?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » June 18th, 2013, 6:32 pm

Hi Fleur, they aren't a bad vehicle, quite capable off road, got the good Nissan LSD, and not too bad on road too. Could be a good first 4WD at the same time as handling the day to day on road stuff pretty reasonably. BUT, they are a bit heavy on fuel, not outright awful tho, and you can (or could anyway...) get long range tanks for them. Personally, I wouldn't go the LPG route with one of them, they aren't startling in the power stakes at the best, more of 'OK' than anything else - and if you go for dual fuel you will knock that around a bit AND lose some space to fit long range tanks etc - and the cost of LPG is already rising and is going to get much closer to ULP over the next few years. Our Pathy is still on ULP altho I run Premium in it; unless the ULP is over 20cpl cheaper than Premium then the better fuel economy we get from the Premium fuel more than covers the extra initial fuel cost, and similarly, my investigations into gas conversion for it repeatedly show that if I want to use it as a 4WD & ever take it off road (& we do that!) then I'm way better sticking to straight ULP/Premium AND I get the advantage of being able to run a long range tank and get some sort of 'petrol' most places in the sticks too, instead of being restricted to remaining within range of places where LPG is available. But, if you don't plan on getting too far from civilisation & LPG, and you are prepared to go to straight gas, no petrol at all, then maybe LPG would work for you - just don't count on it being cheaper for a whole lot longer! ;)

As for the rest about the Pathy, you probably can't get quite the range of mods and accessories off the shelf for them as you can for many other vehicles, and they aren't ever going to be as easy to lift beyond a couple of inches as the Patrol/LandCruiser type vehicles are, but they are capable, comfortable, have a good range of basic accessories, and don't have any major vices or shortfalls. You might hafta get a little innovative if you want to accessorise or mod it extensively, and what gear was available when they were new was never such a great range, so probably won't remain in production for long. That means if it hasn't already got it you should get things like a bull bar & snorkel, long range fuel tank, Lift kit, rear wheel carrier, roof rack etc sorted soon, or at least look at your options for getting them before you buy it.

Even stock they will easily do the Deserts & the Cape, but they will benefit immediately from an auto trans cooler (or mods to improve 4WDing) as well as a good suspension kit with a little lift, a bull bar, and a snorkel - they should be early on your list of 'nice to have' mods, and you should also look at raising the breathers for diffs, gearbox & transfer case, and maybe even the fuel tank vents before you venture too far off road. Bigger wheels/tyres aren't too difficult to source/fit at any time, altho you probably wouldn't want to go any taller than 33's without some gearing changes anyway, and if you find it doesn't have enough traction to take you anywhere you want to go, you can get a Detroit Locker for the rear (it's the same as the Patrol Front diff! :D )

All up, you could do a lot worse than a Pathfinder, but it's never going to be the most economical vehicle to run, altho they aren't by any means awful in that department, especially if you look after them and service/maintain them properly. We've run one of them as our 'town & light 4WD' vehicle for the family, with the occasional longer trip &/or light towing duties thrown in. They can do just about anything the bigger 4By's do, they just hafta work a little harder. A far better 4WD option than a Liberty or Impreza, and a lot more comfortable on and off road than the smaller 4WD's like Suzi's etc. ;)

You might need to sit down at some stage and list out the things you MUST have in whatever vehicle you get, then list those things you would LIKE to have, and what sort of budget you are looking at - post that info up and we might be more able to make recommendations or suggestions re what to look for/at. Good Luck! ;)
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