2004 3ltr GU Patrol Oil Light/Dipstick

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2004 3ltr GU Patrol Oil Light/Dipstick

Unread post by The Jacobite » May 13th, 2018, 9:06 am

HI all.
This is my experience with the Oil Light in my 2004 3ltr GU Patrol.
Just in case anyone else experiences this.

About 2 and a bit years ago my oil light t came on while driving. No initial flickering, it just came on. Pulled over, did the checks, all looked ok. Dipstick back in. Started the car light operated normally.
The Oil Light operated normally for around 4 - 6 months before suddenly coming on again. Did all the checks again, dipstick back in and all was ok.
The issue started to occur more frequently as time went on. It got to the point where all I would have to do was to pull over, pull the dipstick up a bit, re-seat it and away I'd go.
Over all these months I was asking forum members and mechanics I knew what the hell was going on. No one had an answer.
Recently my Fuel Pump died.... :cry: After the repairs my mechanic informed me that when he started the car up he noticed the oil light was on, so he did an oil presser test and he said the car was like new in that respect. When I got in the car
the light was on. I pulled out and re-seated the dipstick and as per usual the light went out. But it came on only a few K's later. When I got home I checked the dipstick. The rubber neck of the stick that seals the stick was really deteriorated and had a split. So; I got some Plumbers
Hot Water Plumbing tape and wrapped it around the rubber seal. Replaced the stick and the lights never faulted since. Now going on 7 months.
Some time later, a forum member in Nissan Patrol said that there are two oil sender units on those models. An Upper and a Lower. A non-sealed Dipstick would very likely trip off your light. I see this to be true. Pretty much, as the rubber on the dipstick deteriorated more, so did the frequency of the light coming on. Cheers. ;)

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