Wierd electrical problem affecting stereo....

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Wierd electrical problem affecting stereo....

Unread post by skid65 » January 15th, 2017, 5:07 am

Current problem is when I'm driving and hit the brake or use indicators my stereo dims as though I have turned on the headlights. weird thing is some times it does it for the duration of the trip, other times it will do it for a few seconds then the stereo goes back to normal. its causing me grief with my reversing camera. I have owned this truck for less than a month, and am finding things like this out every day. I've tried to earth the rear indicators and tail lights and brake lights with diodes which made no difference, its as though when I use the indicators etc it is finding earth though my stereo. Haven't tried running the camera off the wires for my trailer plug yet, as the previous owner ripped and mangled the wiring when 4wding. I have checked and made sure no of the wires for the trailer plug are shorting. Have run an earth from battery to engine, have run an earth from battery to body from the battery, have run an earth from the head unit to body, and it still does the same thing, but it is so wierd. when I finished the earths I turned the unit on and as soon as the dash lights lit up it interfered with the stereo as though it was trying to power up the reversing camera. same deal with the indicators, hit the brake or using indicators does the same.... Then I turned the key to light up all the dash lights a second time and it did not interfere with anything,
Any ideas and suggestions appreciated..

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Re: Wierd electrical problem affecting stereo....

Unread post by mydmax » January 15th, 2017, 7:28 am

WHO fitted the stereo.
Probably the screen dimmer wire for the stereo is connected or sometimes connected to another wire which is causing conflict.
The diodes on the indicators would not solve that, just dims the indicators which isn't a good idea.
I would be looking at all the wiring from the rear of the player to see if there is anomalies there.

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