Excessive Diesel engine rattle

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Re: Excessive Diesel engine rattle

Unread post by Peter Aawen » January 27th, 2011, 8:57 pm

Steve, while your post was a while ago & you may well have resolved it, that 'limiter' effect at 3,000rpm sounds like the inlet filter being blocked. Many of the TD42 IP's had a small gauze filter dropped into the hole under the fuel inlet hose, & over time (or if a filter decomposed - a batch DID too) it'd block up & do just that. To fix, undo the banjo bolt, then with a long, fine 'O' ring pick reach down about 50mm into the hole & carefully pull out the tiny gauze filter, it's about the size of your little finger tip, not even down as far as the nail!! Blow it out with HP air & refit - make sure that you also blow out the gauze filter that is usually built into the bolt on the return line banjo, it blocks up too.

The 'at idle' noise that you suspect is an injector probly IS an injector, cos either or both of these other two have been blocked or blocking for some time & at least one injector has suffered as it's been starved of fuel! Fix the filters, make sure that you've got a new main filter & there's no air leaks in the fuel lines, & then get new or reco injectors; SHOULD be problem solved, altho if the little filters have been blocked for a long time you might need a re-build of the whole pump too.

highoctane, if your IP is rattling, really the only thing to do is get at least one (if not two or more) opinions from a pump re-builder. And if they all tell you that they need to re-build the pump, there is NO cheap or easy shortcut - you can't just strip those things down until you find one something wrong & fix just that before re-assembling it!!! To fix a bad pump, it really needs to be ENTIRELY stipped down, carefully cleaned & measured, then re-assembled with gear that brings it back to spec - anything less is NOT going to be a cost effective repair, & a pump done like that probly won't work for too long, as well as likely needing another strip down very soon anyway! Sorry, but them's the breaks.

Good Luck
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Re: Excessive Diesel engine rattle

Unread post by Dannyb » January 3rd, 2017, 4:05 pm

I know this is an old thread but did anyone find out what their rattle was? I have a similar sort of rattle from 2000 rpm onwards and only on high load. It seems to quieten down a bit when I run flash lube in my diesel so I am leaning towards an injector or fuel pump issue....

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