Advice for Touring Aussie on what GQ to get?

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Advice for Touring Aussie on what GQ to get?

Unread post by chrisgatley5 » December 13th, 2015, 7:31 pm

G'day all,

Looking for some advice here: My girlfriend and I are on our second Working Holiday Visa (both English) and currently own a D1 V8 (Dual Fuel), but we are looking for a diesel - we've been swayed toward a GQ, for notably their reliability and also if we get stuck out in the middle of nowhere, some Japanese car parts would more-than-likely be easier to find that those of a Landy!

Would anybody have some suggestions on what to get, what not to go for - GQ-wise - and what we can get for around $6-8k.

We are planning a big trip in c. 6-months' time and will start in Sydney (where we're currently working) and go up the East Coast, want to do the Cape, then across the top, down the West Coast, and along the bottom. Our trip would be around 4-to-5-months. If we have time/money, Tassie is of course on the list, as is the middle!

Ideally, we'd want something with some essential mods on it, to avoid ploughing funds the truck: bull-bar, winch, snorkel, spotties, decent tyres (not too big), 2" lift, roof-rack, dual-battery system, UHF etc. - I guess, fairly standard stuff.

We have a taste for 4WD'ing from our time out in Sunny Corner, nr. Bathurst, NSW and really want to make the most of this trip.



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Re: Advice for Touring Aussie on what GQ to get?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » December 16th, 2015, 4:16 pm

Hi Chris, GQ Diesels in good nick are still commanding a fairly reasonable price, some sellers even expect a fair bit more than what they are really worth & often even more if they've been obviously well looked after & have most of the frequently purchased good quality accessories. So what's your budget?

That said, many pretty well maintained & modded GQ petrol Patrols (with the EFI motor), possibly with gas as well, can be found for less than $10k - and you can do a helluva lot of driving on petrol/gas for the difference in asking price between most diesel & petrol Patrols!! The EFI Petrol versions are just as capable as the diesel Patrols & generally have somewhat more power, so keep up with the traffic better, and even with full or part time gas conversions, once they are running properly they tend to keep doing it for a fair while, albeit sucking a fair amount of fuel while they do it. The carbie versions are a bit less reliable, but still, when they work they go pretty well for an old 4WD. And don't fool yourself, ALL GQ Patrols are OLD!! Most are somewhat more than 20 years old!

So keep that in mind when you look at any of them - regardless of how well they've been maintained, just like Toyota 60 Series, there's a good chance that at some stage on a round Aust trip you will hafta do some repairs as well as regular preventative & remedial maintenance!! Sure, the Patrol engine & driveline is generally pretty tough, but I've had to retire a few 60's & a couple of GQ's now cos their bodies just got to the stage that it wasn't worth repairing them any more - and the Authorities get all twitchy when they see the seats, doors, & batteries etc parting company with the rest of the vehicle!! So you need to be very choosy about how the vehicle has been maintained, not only for the engine & running gear but also the body, seating, & ancillaries. And those 'good looking, well maintained vehicles' are the vehicles commanding a premium price AND in the greatest demand!! Anything less could be expensive unless you've got the funds &/or ability to repair &/or rebuild it yourself.

If you get this far in your travels (South Aust), gimme a yell - drop me a PM & I'll send you some contact details. ;)
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Re: Advice for Touring Aussie on what GQ to get?

Unread post by chrisgatley5 » December 16th, 2015, 7:08 pm


Thanks for your detailed reply.

Essentially our budget is probably the $8k mark, maybe pushing it for $10k.

We wanted a diesel and get away from the LPG/petrol models, not gonna be rushing through loads of water-crossings. But you never know. The range on diesel is quite desirable and there'll be more fuel stations with diesel over gas!

We'd certainly look after it and maintenance would be done, in order to keep them running smoothly and try to carry belts, hoses etc. with us, too.

I'd look for one of the better looked-after ones for sure, but understand they are desirable!

Been told not to go near a GU, if they're c. $8k then they're probably going to blow up??

Would you recommend any other trucks - any Toyotas in that price-range?

Cheers and I'm sure we'd end up in SA!

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