Wont hold idle after using LPG

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Wont hold idle after using LPG

Unread post by Aerojake » June 28th, 2015, 9:06 pm

Hi guys,
Just after a little help regarding my carbed tb42 dual fuel.
Tonight I decided to seal up the intake boots and a crack in the breather pipe (goes from rocker cover to pipe near carb) thanks to the old duct tape it worked seemed more responsive and idle was good,
But whilst driving i thought may as well switch to lpg and see if ive gained anything there I lose about 30% power when i switch to lpg usally, all was good untill i switched back to petrol and the revs immediately fell to a stall could only keep her going with some pedal work so I waited a while and started her back up auto choke wouldent work at first so i let her sit for a couple of hours then auto choke worked but she still stalled out on both lpg and petrol. I dont usually use lpg except on long trips or every now and then just to keep the system in good order.

Anyone have any thoughts on why it would do this anything I can check ?
Thanks in advance.

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