HZJ75 speedo needle broke off, what the!?

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HZJ75 speedo needle broke off, what the!?

Unread post by heuer » August 30th, 2014, 8:09 pm

Hey folks,

The other day I was doing a trip to Lakefield and whilst on the dirt my speedo needle started acting erratically. First started to vibrate in the 80-100km/h range, then started to steadily climb independant of speed. I watched in disbelief as my speedo needle wound around to the stop after 180km/h and then broke off on the stop and kept going!

I can assure you my troopy wont do 120km/hr, especially with a boat on the roof, let alone 180.

Now I have to use my gps for speed. Anyone know what's happened there? Assuming a wire has come lose and shorted out?

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