Troopy 70 1HZ 6E Inj pump - how do I bleed air out?

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Troopy 70 1HZ 6E Inj pump - how do I bleed air out?

Unread post by Sean1973 » January 19th, 2019, 4:56 pm

I cant get my 6E injector pump to pump fuel to the injector line, how do I get Air out of my pump?

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Re: Troopy 70 1HZ 6E Inj pump - how do I bleed air out?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » February 5th, 2019, 10:55 pm

Are you sure it's air in the pump &/or fuel lines? Any chance it could be the fuel cut/stop solenoid misbehaving? Worth a check to make sure it's working properly, buuut, if it is air in the pump or lines, then try this. Very basically (there's not a heap of recent 'model specific' knowledge to be had from me about Toyotas, sorry. ) you'll need to crack open the bleed valves & pump the primer pump until only fuel comes out, no air bubbles. There should be a bleed valve & primer pump (usually a large black button like disc) on top of the fuel filter in the engine bay (altho older Toyo engines had a hand plunger type pump down alongside the I/p itself) Open the bleed valve just a few turns then pump like buggry on the black button thing!! It might take a while, cos that button only has a tiny throw, but once you are getting neat fuel out of that valve, you can close it off & once you've got fuel up to the filter head like that then USUALLY you can then keep on cranking the engine over on the starter motor until it starts to run smoothly - it might take a lot of cranking, maybe even a minute or two, & possibly even a couple of goes like that to get it running properly, but if your battery isn't up to it/at full charge, DO NOT TRY ROLL STARTING!! That won't work until you've got fuel right up to the Injector Pump & into the injector lines, so you might need to bleed the pump itself, thru the inlet banjo fitting first, pumping on that button thingy until neat fuel runs out again; then thru the outlet/return line - yep, button thingy & neat fuel again! And that's really about as far as most home spanner spinners should go!! 

If your engine still wont work, you may find it needs the line to each injector bled, only to do this you will hafta carefully crack the fuel line on top of each injector (they'll be bloody tight & you really CAN'T AFFORD to break any or round off the nut!) & crank the engine over with the starter until fuel squirts out of each in turn, but BEWARE!! Getting sprayed with injector pressure diesel can be fatal!! Diesel fuel at injector pressure &/or atomised can very easily punch holes thru unprotected skin or your naked eyes etc, and once that fuel is in your bloodstream often the only way to stop it killing you is to immediately amputate the effected limb!! So if you aren't POSITIVE that you can do this bit safely, then its MUCH smarter to pay someone or find someone who can do it safely for you!

Anyhow, I hope some of the Toyota blokes answer soon. 

Good Luck
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