Prado for my parents - how well do they go?

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Prado for my parents - how well do they go?

Unread post by shooter114 » September 3rd, 2015, 2:30 pm

So after a few trips to bribie my parents have got the fourby bug. They have a budget of about 20k and are looking to use it as a daily driver doing about 5000kms a year and for the moment the odd beach trip or light 4wd trip. They are pretty interested in a KZJ120R prado AUTO with 1kzte motor after my recommendation.

How well do the auto prado 1kzte's perform for general around town power, overtaking on highways etc?
My 1kzte manual hilux with 3" turbo back exhaust and lighter weight pokes around nicely but I'm a bit concerned that even with the gains from the intercooler on the prado it'll be a bit of a slug. And if so I don't think they'll want to perform any mods to gain power.

The other option is the petrol v6 1GR-FE but I don't know much about these motors yet, any major problems with reliability or issues ?

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