Central Locking Power Fade

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Central Locking Power Fade

Unread post by Shaker4x4 » February 7th, 2015, 11:18 am

Hey... I recently bought a 2000 model VZJ95R - 5VZ-FE (3.4L V6.) It's done a genuine 142,000kms, full service history and common work already done. Nothing is worn except a little in the steering column bearing and a fading of power to it's central locking that goes like this:-

Press the remote a few times, and the actuators slow more each button press until all you can hear is the relay behind the in-car fuse block and indicators flashing normally. The actuators on all doors are at this point too under-powered to operate. I don't have wiring diagrams to assist and was wondering if anyone here has experienced this? Only thing under the passenger kick panel is the central locking receiver and some plug connectors. The driver's key will lock, but not unlock all the doors (when it has enough power,) though that a seperate mechanical lock problem. Passenger and rear doors lock/unlock fine with a key as many times as pressing the remote button will do consecutively. Search the web... nothing...

Edit: Spoke to service department at Toyota. They say one actuator is over-heating and causing the rest of them to slow until they don't work. I was thinking, how could one affect the rest? Ok, so if this were the case, I'd have to test each one until I found the culprit? It matches what is happening though. Locking and unlocking 3 or more times... heat... waits 5 mins... repeat... same each time.

Any experience, knowledge, or feedback appreciated. I may have answered my own fault here, but could be wrong too.


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