Cracked Dash

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Cracked Dash

Unread post by JonoM » December 28th, 2014, 11:49 am

Hi All,

So I lost my faithful Mitsu Challenger in the recent Brisbane hail storms. Decided might be time to upgrade to a bigger car that's more suited to some touring, and thinking a 120 series Prado, in the 4.0L petrol.

I'm quite sure I don't drive often enough to warrant the extra purchase price of the diesel, even though I am planning a second Cape York trip and Simpson Desert run.

However, I've taken a few prados for a test drive, and am noticing on the photos on carsales, that a hell of a lot of the 120 series have cracked dashes. What's the deal with this?... not what I was expecting from a Toyota.

Have any of you had this problem and did Toyota fix it? Looks like a common fault to me. Almost recall worthy. What sort of money would I be looking at to replace the dash? Did the issue disappear after a particular year (e.g. they fixed it for the 2006 onwards models or something?)



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