Gen 3 Surfs - opinions

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Gen 3 Surfs - opinions

Unread post by LUX253 » July 23rd, 2015, 12:08 pm

Hi guys been a while since I have been on the forum, after have a good list of fun decent 4x4s I have had a bit of a misadventure with an 03 V8 Ford Exploder, and while it was great in the sand dunes there was not much else good worth saying about it on here!

Anyway I know this has been done before and I am opening a can of worms good and bad but I am currently looking at a 97 Gen 3 Surf with the 1kzte Auto as a bit of a basher that the wife can still drive on occasion when I pinch her car, would love to know peoples experiences with these - they are less talked about than earlier Surfs

I know the common issues - I'm more interested in things people might not know about them

I also previously worked in Toyota spare parts for 4 years and have been a Toyota Mechanic for 7 Years so finding parts and working out what fits is not a big issue for me,

So let's hear it! What do you think about them?

Cheers Rob

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