80 series coil for 4runner lift

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80 series coil for 4runner lift

Unread post by wickevans » May 14th, 2015, 11:09 pm

I know this has kinda been covered in other topics (I used the search) but I haven't found what I'm exactly after, so...

I've got a 1990 4runner and am looking at a 3-4" lift.
Have been doing my research and am keen to put the coils from an 80 series in the rear and have a few queries.
1. Do you use the rear or front coils from the 80 series for the rear of the 4runner? (this may seem dumb but I've read different things)
2. I've also read that I can put 100 series shocks in the rear to suit the 80 series coils, is this true? If it is not true what shocks should I use?
3. Whats the best/cheapest way to sort out an adjustable panhard rod once the lift has been fitted?
4. Is there anything else I need to worry about for the rear for the lift?
Now for the front lift,
If I wind the torsion bars up 2" and get shocks to suit, will I need to do a dif drop? I've heard landcruiser shocks will fit the front of the runner, can anyone confirm or deny?
And what is the best way to extend brake lines?
Is there anything else I need to consider?
And how illegal is this?

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Re: 80 series coil for 4runner lift

Unread post by Jimmy Wood » May 15th, 2015, 6:43 pm

I suspect a 4" lift will be illegal. Maybe not such a big deal if you get pulled over, but if you stack it, the insurance company and your own wallet may take a different view. Look at your states regs to find out.

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