Will r150 gearbox bolt on to my ln106!!

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Will r150 gearbox bolt on to my ln106!!

Unread post by LUX4WD » April 9th, 2012, 7:42 pm

Hey guys, i can get my hands on a gearbox from a v6 4runner sr5... I think its an r150?
My Ln106 g52 box is preety weak, popping out of reverse and crunching nearly every gear!

Now my question is:

1. Will the R150 box bolt straight up to my ln106?

2. Will i need a new cross member?

3. Is it worth the work?
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Re: Will r150 gearbox bolt on to my ln106!!

Unread post by 894runa » April 10th, 2012, 9:24 am

1. Pretty sure it won't.
2. I don't think so, but the cross member won't be the issue, the issue will be that your car has a gear drive transfer case (all manually operated) whereas the R150 and being SR5 will have a chain drive transfer case that is electric. The cross member mounts for the transfer are different and the bolt pattern is different so even if you got the box to mate up to the engine, your original transfer case wouldn't mate up to the box. If you wanted to use the transfer that came with the R150, then you may be up for driveshaft mods (R150 and transfer combo may be longer / shorter than the G52 combo ) and then you'd have to sort out some wiring just to get front - wheel drive.
3. Given all above, no.

The LN106 is a very common vehicle so surely you would be able to source a decent 2nd hand G52.

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Re: Will r150 gearbox bolt on to my ln106!!

Unread post by Quincy88 » April 10th, 2012, 1:22 pm

A guy that i go 4wding with just fitted an R series gear box to his LN106. It was out of a newer model turbo diesel though im pretty sure. He had to get a new crossmember, different bellhousing kit and a few other modifications. Not exactly sure what though.

I inquired about it with him and decided against it. He is running 35's though so there is a bit more strain on his Gear box and running gear.

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Re: Will r150 gearbox bolt on to my ln106!!

Unread post by Blackened » April 10th, 2012, 1:48 pm

1. No it won't bolt straight up, you'll need a new bellhousing.
2. I'm not sure, wouldn't imagine so if not just use the one out of a 4runner
3. Yes they are the strongest box you can get especially if you rebuild it with r154 internals.

I've blown my G52 that was sitting behind my V8 and I'm replacing it with the r151, If you want to use the gear driven transfer case in the hilux you will have to get an adaptor from locktup4x4 but I think they are out of stock currently for the near future. Any more questions PM me.
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