TJM T13 bullbar brackets LC200

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TJM T13 bullbar brackets LC200

Unread post by Tom84LC200 » May 12th, 2015, 3:28 pm

Hey just wondering is someone can help me out.

I was conned into buying a T13 bar over the last long weekend and didn't check if you can buy the brackets for it separately (came with the bar only). A few days later I payed TJM a visit who said we won't sell you them unless you want a bar as well. Needless to say when I rang the fella who sold them to me he didn't take my call and blocked my number. I have waited for him outside his unit block but no luck to date and don't know which unit he is in so can't visit!

Does anyone have the technical specs and drawings of the brackets they could send me along with a series of photos so I can get a fabricator to make me some that are suitable? I know they aren't going to meet ADR and I risk voiding insurance but I can't afford to start again with this. Alternatively if anyone knows someone who can pull some strings in TJM or has a spare set of brackets laying around for sale then that would also be much appreciated haha!!

BTW I have contacted all the wreckers in OZ with no luck! The only other option I was thinking is buying another cheap bar with brackets then have the end that lands on the bar modified to suit.

Your thoughts/suggestions/experiences would be greatly appreciated especially in regards to any problems with airbag compatibility!

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