100 series turbo timers

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100 series turbo timers

Unread post by Ethan » January 4th, 2018, 8:15 pm

Hi Guys

Looking for some advice on my 100 series land cruiser 4.2l turbo diesel 1hz I have had problems starting the veichle once the engine is hot it wont start so took it to my mechanic who couldn't find the problem but he said it was something to do with the immobiliser anyway I took it to my diesel mechanic and he has ripped out the immobilizer and removed the security screws from immobilizer and he also hard wired the fuel shut off solinoid to the ignition circuit. So now the car has no turbo timer and immobilizer the meachanic said that the car doesnt need a turbo timer he just sayed to leave it running after big trips and that if you are just running around town there is no need and for the immobilizer he said that it is my choice if l want to put a immobilzer on the car. So my question should l put a turbo timer in as l do tow a boat around and do regular long trips and is the a legal requirement to have a immobilzer fitted to my car?

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Re: 100 series turbo timers

Unread post by Peter Aawen » January 4th, 2018, 9:09 pm

Turbo-timers are only quasi legal to have fitted to your vehicle in Aust - & iaw that you aren't allowed to move away from your vehicle while the engine is running, even if it's on a turbo timer, so if you hafta sit in it for a minute or two after a hard hot run anyway, then why not leave the ign & the air con on?? Still, as your mech said, unless you were flogging the engine at peak torque under heavy load right up until the moment of shut-down, then simply changing down a gear or two when turning off the highway or running it a little less than full bottle as you work thru the streets & then park it is very likely going to be more than ample to drop the turbo temps &/or EGT's down enough for it to be safe to just shut it down when you stop moving.... :D Might be a bit different if you've been hauling arse thru the steep hills in the Vic Hi-country or the back of the Coffs Coast, or if you've been hammering it thru the big & soft dunes of the Simpson in 50 deg C heat full on for the last 8 hours, but hey, you should be able to remember that it needs to cool off a little then, shouldn't you??

As for the immobiliser, there isn't really so much a legal requirement to have one as something your insurance company may want you to have to get a reduced premium if you live in a dodgy part of the city...... but the immobilisers are renowned for creating the types of issue you describe! And invariably, the quick, simple, and most reliable solution is going y o be simply to take it off or disconnect it entirely!! In fact, if you ever plan on heading out really remote, I'd strongly recommend that you either pull it off entirely or at least get a 'hidden' by-pass switch installed so that when it does fail, you can still start it up & drive the vehicle!! It's attention to the little things like that which can keep you alive if you go really remote! ;) Soo, it may ultimately be your choice to decide if you want to keep it or not, but be very aware that on the one hand it can be expensive to recover an immobilised vehicle from the middle of the Canning Stock Route & not having a reliable vehicle out there can be dangerous to your continued health, but on the other hand your ins co might not be impressed at all if your vehicle gets flogged & they discover the torched wreck/100% write off doesn't have a working immobiliser! :petrified:

Your choice tho! Good Luck....
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