LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

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LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

Howdy Gents,

The old man is looking at the following Forby - Just interested in your thoughts of them??

Also, can you find accessories for them ... bullbars etc?

Unread postby Smitty » July 6th, 2005, 3:46 pm

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Re:LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

they are a cruiser and as such all the same parts fit there are differences but mainly in interior and options from all accounts a good truck but it is an import and for this reason some people and insurance companies have their concerns

Unread postby boof » July 6th, 2005, 3:53 pm

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Re:LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

G-day Smitty,
I was just reading your post about the lexas, nice car to bad about the IFS but,
I couldnt help but notice that you own a 100 series yourself, what sort is that, i'm guessing a dissal from the turbo part you have writen in your profile, is it IFS or Live axal, i have a live axal and am looking at getting it liffted.
What sort do you have on yours and how do you find it,
And where abouts you from maybe we could go driving some time,

Unread postby Stevencc182 » July 6th, 2005, 4:15 pm

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Re:LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

G'day Steven

Yep it's a standard Diesel - with a Dynamic turbo on her ... so live axle.

I got it second hand with the lift already fitted. It has 3" king springs and Koni shocks. Drives real nice - perfect for touring. The travel is ok ... could be better. I believe the limiting factor here is the Koni shocks - they don't stretch out that much. Down the track I wouldn't mind fitting a 4-5" lift - but not until I done the around Oz trip first. Its currect set-up is perfect for that. Live melbourne area.

Unread postby Smitty » July 6th, 2005, 4:20 pm

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Re:LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

but it is an import and for this reason some people and insurance companies have their concerns

Huh ?

The LX470 is no more an import then a Cruiser (well actually , they are BOTH imported), both are available locally.

The LX470 is just a luxury Cruiser with Lexus badges. If the 100 Series cruiser will go there , so will the lexus , just in more luxury.

Expensive though , but , that wasn't the question.

I know a bloke that has had a few LX's . . . Seems happy to keep buying them , uses them offroad as well.

Unread postby flappan » July 6th, 2005, 4:45 pm

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Re:LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

rich peoples way of buying the landcruiser

Unread postby taziiy » July 6th, 2005, 5:37 pm

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Re:LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

My only concern would be limited suspension modification options, otherwise they would be great.

I would keep in mind that a 2005 model Sahara is pretty highly spec'd as well and probably represents better value than a Lexus LX470.

Unread postby bigjules » July 7th, 2005, 9:05 am

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Re:LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

I personally think the Sahara is a nicer looking car myself.

Not much difference in the specs, though the Lexus has strange side bumpers, and a strange rear bumper on the tailgate...

Just a little too over the top in respect to protector strips....I also think the alloys which come with them are a little ghey....

On a better note though, the lights at the front look fantastic, I really like those.

On the Landcruiser forum, everyone talks about both the LX470 and the Landcruiser as one...

Which they in all honesty are!

Unread postby Wilesy » July 7th, 2005, 10:31 am

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Re:LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

Thanks for your thoughts lads!! It's actually a couple of years old now and the old man has locked onto it for a steal!

Your right though - had he been looking to purchase new I would have pushed him to go the Saraha as well.


Unread postby Smitty » July 7th, 2005, 1:13 pm

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Re:LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

Toyota Harrier or Lexus whatever you called... ;D

Some of top specs 470 (overseas) got all the bells & whistles, even touch screen navigation!
Why do you need a bull bar? ;D ;D

Also it has been known as 'cafe cruiser' :P

Unread postby Metalion » July 7th, 2005, 2:47 pm

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Re: LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

Hi folks,
just some further information re the difference between an LX470 and a 100 series equilivant as there is alot of mis information, such as, "its just badges and flash stuff inside". I once believed this, but now that I have owned both I have discovered there are many mechanical differences as well. Will list what I can think of below; I hope this helps people to make informed decisions when buying their next 4x4.

Chassis rails at the front of the LX470 are taller, meaning that landcruiser bullbars will not fit. The chassis can be cut to fit them on if you have pneumatic cutting tools, but the original bumper would not be able to be replaced. ARB is the only manufacturer that I could find that supply a full bar for the LX470, its called the Sahara bar. I have seen alot of LX's with old TJM alloy bars, I think they must have made them 10 years ago but have stopped production.
There are more points for adjustment regarding ‘toe in’ on the front, I called the tyre place as my tyres were waring unevenly, they reluctantly put it on the hoist saying that there was no adjustment on these toyota’s but were shocked when they saw underneath saying that the Lexus had more adjustment points than the equivalent Toyota.
The Suspension is semi hydraulic on the LX470, the static load is taken by coils at the rear and torsion bars at the front, the dynamic load is taken by hydraulic shock absorbers and a system that consists of spheres etc. This system allows the ride height and stiffness to be adjusted from the cabin. It also means that after market side steps cannot be installed as simply as they can be on the toyota as much of the hydraulics are just behind the standard side steps.
The Lexus comes standard with a stainless steel exaust.
The A/C system has 1/3rd more gas as the system also runs a centre console fridge and dual A/C.
The high beam headlights are HID, (gas powered), these require a ballast, don’t know what it does but its an alloy box which sits down below the headlights.
The LX470 has never had a 6cly 4.5lt motor like the Toyota counter parts, even at is release in 1998 it was a V8. GXL cruisers didn’t get a V8 for years.
The LX470 pre 2003 had a 4 speed auto, mated to the V8, this transmission that was not available on the GXL Toyotas.
LX470's have always (from 1998) had Traction control, ABS, Vehicle Stability control and dual airbags, post 2003 has curtain airbags as well.
And the LX is made on a different production line, the paint colours are different, there are more coats so it is thicker and the panel tolerances are tighter, ie the gaps between the panels are smaller and more consistent width.
As for the interior differences between the Lexus and the Toyota, the glass is coloured from the factory, not tinted, so it will never ware or scratch, the wood grain is real and is supplied to Lexus by Yamaha Instruments, the steering wheel adjustment is both tilt and reach and this is electric, the stereo has a sub woofer and amp standard (sounds impressive), the rear most windows are electric from the dash board, it has a first aid kit which along with the hazard warning triangle and service books come in real leather cases. The post 2003 models come with variable gear ratio's on the power steering, making carpark driving a breeze, infrared heads up display. The centre and side rear vision mirrors are all auto dimming and the side mirrors auto tilt down to the curb when you put the LX in reverse.

People are right when they say a Lexus is a Toyota, it's the same engineering, but to say its just badges and flash stuff inside is not correct, the fact is there are many many differences, some very subtle, some major such as gear box and engine. They are just a better vehicle, better built, better optioned. However if you want a manual, a diesel or a live axle suspension system you will have to look to the Toyota variant. Also, the LX is quite cheap on the second hand market, so if you can deal with an auto, IFS front and the V8 donk they make a great purchase!
I’ve had an 80 series-3F, 100 series-4.5, GU Patrol-3.0CRD, regularly take them off road, mud, water crossings, rocky climbs etc and tow a 2.5 tonne loads on my tri axel trailer for work (approx 3.25Tonne). The LX easily out performs all my previous vehicles and I have not had any mechanical issues with it what so ever. It now has 196,000km. Get 15-16lt/100km on the hwy, up to 24 off road and towing.

Hope this helps.
Lexus LX470

Unread postby jim.4x4 » June 21st, 2012, 9:49 pm

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Re: LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

Some good info there

Also, winner for gravedig of the year? 7 years!!

Unread postby 4low » June 22nd, 2012, 8:40 am

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Re: LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

Great post Jim - just got myself a pimped up 2004 LX470 - ARB bullbar, Haltech Chiped, Gene ceramic headers & performance exhaust, transmission shift kit - man what a ride! Returning 12.5 l/100 cruising on the highway! Insane!

Unread postby Wayno1 » November 29th, 2012, 8:19 pm

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Re: LX470 Lexus 4wd (cruiser look alike) - your thoughts??

Moved the off topic posts, they've now got their own thread. ;) ... 1&t=138390

Let's try to keep this one on topic now :D
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Unread postby Peter Aawen » November 30th, 2012, 1:02 pm

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