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Ln106 front end upgrade to SR5 - how hard is it to do?

Posted: July 15th, 2018, 7:44 pm
by Kajiado
Hi I'm based in Nairobi and have picked up an ln106 double cab with live front axel and a 3L.

I'm about to make a rear touring tray/canopy for for my safaris. It's getting lifted a bit and a few gadgets inside as well as a 1KZ.

I also HATE the front end and candle stick lights. How hard would it be for me to upgrade to the SR5 style bonnet bulge and headlights/grill?

I know people do that to their ln167s - would it be very difficult for me to achieve?

I have access to cheap labor and fabricators and parts. I'll make a custom bull bar to fit also.

Looking forward to doing the full build with the support of the forum.

Re: Ln106 front end upgrade to SR5 - how hard is it to do?

Posted: July 18th, 2018, 9:40 am
by Peter Aawen
Hi Kajiado, welcome to the Forum! :thumb:

If your Hilux is similar to those I've played with in the past, all you really need to do to get the SR5 upgraded look is source the upgrade parts for your model (fenders, lights, grille, front clip, bonnet, etc) then unbolt your lower spec OE gear & bolt on the upgrade spec bits! There shouldn't be too much fabricating required, if any, at least until you get to making the custom bull bar!! The different spec Hilux's within model runs like the LN106/7's all run identical basic bodies when they start out down the production line, then as they progress down the line the different spec components just get fitted at the appropriate stage - in the case of the front clip etc, IIRC it's usually all done after the engine & driveline, chassis, etc mates to the body, so you simply need to replicate that. Shouldn't be too hard per se, but it might be a bit of a drawn out process taking all the necessary remaining components off one set of fenders & then replacing them on the next, but it's not generally something that'll take weeks.... a day, maybe, possibly even a couple from whoa to go; but that's no biggie if you want to get everything right, is it?! ;)

Good Luck!

Re: Ln106 front end upgrade to SR5 - how hard is it to do?

Posted: July 25th, 2018, 4:19 am
by Kajiado
Hey thanks for the reply.

I've got one chap saying it can't work and you saying it can.

I've sourced the wings, radiator support, bonnet, lights, grill etc from the newer hilux.

But before I buy all of that gear I want to check it will fit.
I've heard that the ln167 is wider than the ln106 and I am worried it won't all line. Up or I'll have a big offset where it meets the front doors.

Lots of Qs to come.


Re: Ln106 front end upgrade to SR5 - how hard is it to do?

Posted: July 25th, 2018, 10:12 am
by Peter Aawen
Hey Kajiado, please remember I did say that 'IF your Hilux....' bit!! :boggle:

However as with most things, the old 'Measure twice, cut once' chestnut does apply - only in this case, hopefully there's no cutting! :purplex:

But it is very important that you DO measure everything carefully & confirm for yourself; altho if you are just swapping from one spec level to another on your LN106/7, then it's generally just an 'unbolt the DLX stuff, then bolt on the SR5 stuff' or vice versa (I reckon there's a thread around here somewhere showing an SR5 light swap). I'm not so sure about fitting LN167 circa 1999 panels & bonnet etc onto a circa 1990/91 LN106 vehicle tho (that could involve just a little fabricating) but that's not what you initially asked, is it?! :ooh:

Re: Ln106 front end upgrade to SR5 - how hard is it to do?

Posted: July 27th, 2018, 5:09 pm
by cuzza_wa
nah i reckon you wont have any luck fitting the 167 stuff without it looking horrid in the engine bay.

For a ln106, try looking for a ln107 (sr5 IFS model) or a surf (ln130) which would have the most similar shape to the ln106, some of the surfs have the chrome grills etc.

The other alternative is to just buy a set of upgraded bulbs for the current lights :)