PC Challenger, Factory towbar & Weight Distribution hitch Heads Up!

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PC Challenger, Factory towbar & Weight Distribution hitch Heads Up!

Unread post by V Williamson » February 27th, 2018, 8:21 pm

Hi All,

Just a "heads up" on the issue of the factory towbar and weight distribution hitches on the PC Challenger (and possibly some other makes of vehicles) which have caused some concerns.

A problem is that the factory towbar has a short receiver for the hitch shank. The locking pin is only 30mm from the end of the shank and a gusset plate has been fitted across the front (as in vehicle front side) of the towbar. Any shank with a pinhole more than 30mm from the end simply won't fit.

If you are towing, one technique to assist towing stability is to use a "weight distribution hitch" (WDH). Mitsubishi recommend them for the Challenger (page 6-53 Owner's manual). It appears that Hayman Reese, Camec and EAZ-lift have the lion's share of the WDH market but with hitch shanks that are longer than what the Challenger towbar will accept. There might be devious ways around this problem such as cut a hole in the towbar gusset plate, but towbars these days are fitted with compliance plates. Altering the design by cutting may introduce a host of problems where Mits would not back you up in the event of a subsequent problem, and very likely neither your insurance company. So I do not recommend altering the towbar. Some have resorted to trimming the hitch shank on their WDH kit, but again problems may occur with warranty once you alter the manufacturer's design. Others have resorted to ditching the factory towbar and fitting a Hayman Reese unit that is suited to the Challenger.

After quite some to-ing and fro-ing, it turns out that Trojan parts, available through Repco, have a WDH kit that fits the Challenger type short shank hitches. It uses the existing towball mount as a base for a fixed height plate and spring bar insertion point. The part number for a "heavy duty" unit rated at up to 240kg is 993925. http://www.trojanparts.com.au/index.asp ... 2145878724
In our case, we have a caravan to tow which as seen in the photograph has quite a high chassis. The Trojan WDH kit came without instructions, but it was found that the jockey wheel had to stand on a block and be wound fully out with the car attached in order to lift the spring bars into their cradle on the chassis rail. And then you still had to put effort into getting them on....

So for anyone in a similar position, I submit the above for your consideration. I will post this on the Pajero Club Challenger forums as well.

May I note the help and assistance from Mark and Rainer from Tynan Mitsubishi, Kirrawee NSW, and Steve from NSW Fair Trading in solving this problem.

Cheers Vaughan.
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