Kings spot lights wiring loom

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Kings spot lights wiring loom

Unread post by mitch04 » February 23rd, 2018, 6:04 pm

Hi everyone,

Just having alot of problems with connecting my spot lights up with the Kings brand. I have Toyota hilux 2012. The issue I have is I can turn the spot lights on when the car is off however it turns off in low beam which is good and goes on High beam.
Any reason why I can turn the spot lights on when there is no low beam or high beam on?

thank you

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Re: Kings spot lights wiring loom

Unread post by V Williamson » February 25th, 2018, 5:52 pm

What should happen is that the spot lights can only turn on when high beam is selected. (Yes, I think you are aware of this.)

The high beam switch on your indicator arm allows power to a high beam relay coil and normally open contacts on that relay close when the relay is energized via the high beam switch. You might parallel your spot light relay coil with the high beam relay coil, or parallel the high beam lamp itself with the spot light relay coil. Either is electrically allowable.

But there are two ways of energizing the high beam relay from the indicator switch. One is that the switch closes onto "12V", the other is that the switch closes to earth or "0V". Either way can energize a high beam relay coil. But of course the coil needs to be across 12V in order to energize. This can cause some confusion at times.

I say all the above simply to get my mind around the issue.

But to have the spot lights able to turn on when the spot light relay is deenergized suggests to me that a second relay has been fitted and is connected so that a normally closed switch on the second relay permits the spotties to operate when both high and low beams are off. When the low beam is on, the second relay is energised and holds the spot lights off regardless of the spot light switch position.

Is a second relay a possibility?

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Re: Kings spot lights wiring loom

Unread post by anothertime » May 4th, 2018, 8:02 am

I would have thought that's the way it's meant to operate? Does anyone elses (that is using a purchased loom) do any different?

Pretty sure that's the way mine works. Is it ADR related?

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