Hilux? Prado? Cruiser?.....help me narrow it down

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Hilux? Prado? Cruiser?.....help me narrow it down

Unread post by keithy351 » August 10th, 2016, 4:23 am

G'day mob, im making my "biggest" commitment this upcoming month or two and dropping out on a new or runout model 4wd. I have 3 choices, prado, hilux, dual cab or wagon 70 series. So far i've driven all 3, hilux and prado had a very similar feel, nice inside, mod cons and all, the cruiser, had the power, ruggedness, no frills thing to it, but just felt tough. I really dont know which to choose haha. The cruiser had the power thing going for it, but i have read alot lately about people having engine issues at the 80-90,000 mark, and the issue aswell with the rear diff being more narrow than the front.

Im just wanting a rig thats gonna last me the next 7-8 years, that will get me where i want it to go, beach trips, weekend hunting trips, 4wding trips with the boys, I wanna do the top end in it (more than once).

Anyone been in the same situation?

what did you choose and why?

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Re: Hilux? Prado? Cruiser?.....help me narrow it down

Unread post by Down hill dan » August 11th, 2016, 9:00 am

Hi mate all of them are good trucks but for the same sort of coin you could build your self a good 80 or 100 there a lot tougher you can still get parts any were an the list of after market stuff that would make eyes water.i was in the same boat as you an I went with an 80

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Re: Hilux? Prado? Cruiser?.....help me narrow it down

Unread post by BigDutchy » August 11th, 2016, 4:58 pm

I, just to make it only more confusing, would not even consider buying an 80 series.
Just to old to start building a car that needs to last 7-8 years.
So, car choice is like marmite or marmalade some like it some hate it....
I like a ute as it is so versatile. I had wagons for a long time and have a wagon again but the ute I had in between was by far the most practical one for us.
I I had your problem I would by a ute. However I would by the Dmax. But that's another thread worthy.....
So, Ute first, then the Prado, for all the reasons you mentioned and the 70 series for the same reason.
But just to up the confusing the new price of a Prado is very close to the price of a demo 200 series (give or take) in that case I would .......
Well, your choice but they all are awesome trucks and will give you a long time reliable service.


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Re: Hilux? Prado? Cruiser?.....help me narrow it down

Unread post by 1640hunter » September 9th, 2016, 1:30 pm

I agree with Dan, if you want newer go a 100 series (well 105 really ;)), they'll easily outlast a new prado, hilux and probably a new VDJ76 too. Simpler, more robust, parts and the knowledge to fix them EVERYWHERE, very limited sensors/electronic makeup plastered on them of dubious value that will go wrong at the wrong time... Comfort/handling much nicer than a 76 and more interior space too with 3rd row seats if that ever matters.

But if you really want new, the 70 series wins hands down. The suspension is worlds apart - many many times stronger, tougher, easier/cheaper to fix/upgrade. Full floating rear axle, stronger chassis, more reliable/stronger transfer case controls, tougher gearbox/TC and body. I'd lump a 200 series up there with a new hilux and prado (well probably even worse actually) for unnecessary complexities too. The hilux and prado also look abysmal with their puny tyre to body size ratio

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