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Re: Are Roo Systems winches re-badged Tigerz11 winches?

Posted: June 27th, 2018, 8:44 pm
by bruiser76
Hey guys, first post on here and resurrecting this thread! Because, I have an oldish Roo Systems winch, something is fkd in it and nobody has the manual/spares for it because its old!

I have taken it apart and there's broken bits of metal inside the drum, that is either a bearing or some kind of brake assembly. Roo Systems used to sell them through the Supacentre before the Tigerz 11 and the Domin8tor came in. Supacentre don't sell it anymore and gave me the manual for the Domin8tor but the exploded diagram looks a bit different....

Does anyone on here know anything about that part inside the drum, what it is and how I might replace it? Even better if anyone has a Roo Systems winch manual! Cheers