Track Closures - tell us where you have been locked out of.

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Re: Track Closures - tell us where you have been locked out of.

Unread post by Charlie » April 5th, 2018, 9:47 pm

Having successfully closed off access at Denision down in Kosi it appears that the Cox's river crossing at Mt Walker/Lisdale is now in the fishers sights.

" NSWCFA raises concerns about 4WD damage to spawning streams.
The NSWCFA has raised concerns with NSW DPI Fisheries about gratuitous destruction of aquatic environment by misuse of four-wheel drive vehicles, asking for legislation to change so that it is easier to make prosecutions of drivers who damage spawning beds. Currently the legislation requires it to be proved that anyone accused of this damage had actual knowledge that the site being damaged is a place where salmon or trout spawn or are likely to spawn.

Local anglers have photographic and video evidence of drivers damaging the bed of the stream of the Coxs River in Marrangaroo National Park, an activity explicitly illegal under the Fisheries Management Act."

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