Pacemaker headers for 1HZ replacing old rusty Genie headers

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Pacemaker headers for 1HZ replacing old rusty Genie headers

Unread post by sunrk » March 14th, 2018, 7:39 pm

After persisting with the original (to me) genie headers fitted to the 1hz in my 80 since before I bought it in 2011, I recently removed the headers and found they have weld cracks and rust pinholes all over the place. Oops!

So I've now fitted brand new pacemaker headers plus a new exhaust to replace the redback system I fitted not long after getting the 80.

I painted the headers with VHT flameproof. One of the exhaust stud holes was damaged beyond repair so it's now got 11 out of 12 brand new genuine studs installed to hold the headers on (plus new genuine gaskets, etc.).

So far so good - motor idles rough and that hasn't changed with new headers. It's got 635 k km's on it so absolutely no change of standing up to grafting on an aftermarket turbo kit.

The fit of the pacemaker headers and exhaust is way better than that of the Genie headers or the redback exhaust behind it.
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