What costs for auto trans rebuild? remove & install? shops?

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What costs for auto trans rebuild? remove & install? shops?

Unread post by aocc » June 13th, 2017, 5:28 pm

Hi Anybody got any idea what i would be looking at to rebuild my auto transmission on a 91 VX Sahara + removal and instal?
And anybody know of a good shop in East Sydney?


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Re: What costs for auto trans rebuild? remove & install? sho

Unread post by Peter Aawen » July 17th, 2017, 11:13 am

Hi aocc, generally, most places cost these sorts of jobs based on what they actually hafta fix or replace, & that can take a bit of a while & therefore cost!! Which is why many places work on a 'change-over' basis - you still only hafta pay for what needs to be fixed/replaced/upgraded on your (now removed) box to refurbish it, but they keep your old box & do the work later (or send it off to someone who does that sorta stuff) while they get you back on the road a lot quicker by fitting a change-over box that's already been refurbished. And with the remove/install included, that is likely to cost anywhere from a little short of a grand up to as much as two or even three thousand, possibly even more depending on what's actually wrong with your trans!! :petrified:

You might be able to get it somewhat cheaper by shopping around for cheap & nasty but anything much less than the norm is usually achieved by using a (supposedly) low milage/working trans that's just been pulled from a wrecked or no longer running vehicle, said trans never actually being opened or anything repaired/replaced & sometimes not even serviced, & often with NO idea of how many kms it has actually done!! And that is more than just a little risky, cos it means you might end up worse off than you were! Even if there's a '30 day/1000 km replacement warranty' on the swapped box, it still means your vehicle will be off the road longer if they hafta do it twice; plus it could mean you get to pay 2 lots of remove/install labour; plus dodgy boxes often take more'n 30 days/1000 km for you to work them enough for any problems to show up; and even then there's STILL no guarantee that you'll end up with a box that's any better than yours anyway!! :eek:

Sooo, I'd suggest you get a properly refurbished trans from a reputable auto transmission exchange place, & make sure you get a warranty that's more than just a 30 day1000km exchange if the replacement box fails on you! Properly reco'ed boxes generally have a time AND milage based warranty with at least a minimum of 20,000 km (generally lots more!) & the better places include a much longer warranty than 30 days & at least a percentage of any remove/replace labour charges on their exchange transmissions, that's if they don't cover all those costs if the box fails!! (That can depend on why the exchange fails tho?!) Yeah, the sort of money they want is often hard to come by, but the reputable places don't charge more than what they have to for what they do, & at least you DO get a trans that is pretty much as good as new (or better if you go for any of the upgrades available these days!) cos if they didn't provide good stuff & warrant it was good properly & for a reasonable length of time/kns, they just wouldn't remain in business &/or keep that good reputation!! :thumb:
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Re: What costs for auto trans rebuild? remove & install? sho

Unread post by mydmax » July 17th, 2017, 3:03 pm

If you could get an auto from a Japanese import place, ie one from Japan which has done low KM ie 40,000km, then it WILL HAVE OE clutches and parts in it because it is OE.

Rebuilds will often have new parts but they are clutches and steel plates from Korea or Taiwan or that other place starting with C. They are not as good as the OE components.
While not for a Cruiser, I used to rebuild electronic autos for a mate of mine who ran a wreckers. He was very particular, not normally seen in that industry. As often as possible we used to obtain low KM autos which had been in accidents and strip the innards out to fit them into the original box of the Australian purchased car/ute/light 4wd.
That way the customer didn't get a recoed box, they got an original box. Just a 20,000km warranty is small. I don't know of any we did which failed and certainly not any under 100,000km. Never has a comeback.

A bit of mucking around/research, but paying for the removal and changeover of innards from a known working box which is OE and then reinstall is my preferred way to refurbish. A changeover with 20,000km warranty doesn't show much confidence in the quality of the parts used inside, in my opinion. That is just me perhaps.

With the guts of an import auto you know it is all OE and no Aussie has touched it and that is a definitely a plus.

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