What should I expect to pay for this 80 Series?

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What should I expect to pay for this 80 Series?

Unread post by -G-man » March 1st, 2017, 5:55 am


I found an 80 series landcruiser for sale in my travels.

Original 1996 landcruiser GXL, 4spd auto with 1HD-FT multivalve turbo diesel. 320,000 km on clock

I took the car for a drive. No smoke under acceleration.

Drove over speed humps etc, no squeaky noises in suspension. Totaly like new, quiet and just works.

No rips and tears in the interior.

Non smokers car since new.

No rust on the undercarriage, car was never really used offroad. Only used to tow a boat.

No damage externally anywhere either.

Only addition to car is roof racks and front bar.

It also has full service history and it had its timing belts etc replaced at 300,000 km

From my lack of knowledge and what I could see, car had no oil leaks, no wet marks anywhere like trail lines under diffs and under shocks/suspension, engine etc.

Car to me looks like an excellent well kept vehicle that was never really used for offroading.

Car had some black material stuff all around the firewall and sides of enginebay, like soft insulation looking stuff, that normal?

What should I expect to pay for a car like this? Or better, what would a 1HD-FT 80 series GXL 96 model be worth? It was built December 96.

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