What cost for Putting a 1HD-T Into a Petrol 80? feasible?

don logan
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What cost for Putting a 1HD-T Into a Petrol 80? feasible?

Unread post by don logan » April 21st, 2016, 7:55 pm

Hi, i've been offered a petrol 80 in very good nick, one previous owner, around 190,000 kms, no mods or off road use, etc. for a very good price and am considering buying it.

I've always thought that i'd only go for a factory turbo cruiser, but being offered this petrol one in the condition that it's in has made me think of possibly buying it, running it for a year or so as it is and then getting a factory turbodiesel lump put in it.

Anyone know roughly what that might cost and if it's feasible? I expect it's a massive job and if it was worth it then everyone would be at it..

Also, what else such as electrics, clutch, fuel lines, etc. would need changing over too?


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Re: What cost for Putting a 1HD-T Into a Petrol 80? feasible

Unread post by Peter Aawen » May 17th, 2016, 3:03 pm

Don, in all seriousness, it's basically cheaper to buy another car with the Diesel engine than it is to swap a diesel into a petrol engined vehicle. After paying whatever for your Diesel engine, pretty much all the engine control electrics hafta be changed; the front suspension & brakes need to be converted to the diesel spec (can mean a new booster as well as things like discs, calipers, & coils...); the fuel lines filler neck, & tank pick-up, pump, & emission control wiring & plumbing etc hasta be changed for most vehicles; the clutch & often the gearbox input shafts are usually different & will likely need changing; there's often a different final drive ratio for diesels vs petrols that you might need to sort; the gauges inside the cab can be different - a diesel tacho is rarely the same or run off the same signal as a petrol tacho; and there's usually a bunch of other fiddly stuff that needs doing too!!

That's not saying it can't be done, especially if you can get the parts cheap & are prepared to do the bulk of the work yourself; maybe you can avoid doing some of the fiddly stuff or even 'dodgy up' some of the 'required' stuff & then just hope you can get away with it; but realistically it is a pretty massive task and it's not easy or cheap to do it fully & properly, especially if you hafta pay someone to do it or full retail for the parts - which is why it's usually cheaper & easier (& a whole lot quicker) just to buy a diesel engined car in the first place... or the second place if you've already got the petrol engined unit!! It's usually a whole lot easier to swap things like wheels & tyres, bull bars, roof racks, spare wheel carriers, even long range fuel tanks etc than it is to try & swap a petrol engine for a diesel engine & do it fully & properly! ;)
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Re: What cost for Putting a 1HD-T Into a Petrol 80? feasible

Unread post by nilla60 » May 17th, 2016, 8:53 pm

If you can score a good donor car on the cheap (rust or accident damage) and have the time and skill to do much of the work yourself are the biggest considerations. If you need to buy the engine and other stuff that Pete mentions at retail, and they pay someone to do they work, you're better off putting the money towards petrol (or buying a diesel vehicle).

Plenty of conversion threads on the Internet (Google) will spell out all the detail with things like wiring looms and fuel lines.

A solid 80 at a good price is not to be sneezed at, depending on what you want to do. How about LPG?

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