Ironman side-steps and brush bars

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Ironman side-steps and brush bars

Unread post by goldiexxxx » January 7th, 2013, 5:45 pm

Hi all,
I have been chasing a set of Ironman sidesteps and brush bars to match my Ironman bullbar for about a year now. Information provided by my local Ironman distributor is that Ironman are not making any sidesteps for the 80 series any time soon as they are too busy with manufacture of equipment for new model vehicles. Also, that the side-steps they manufacture only fit the petrol model 80 series as the diesel exhaust system will foul with the mounting system of the sidestep as the exhaust pipe is located on the outside of the right hand chassis rail. I was standing with the rep while he was on the phone to Ironman.
BUT, I have found a company in Vic that have them on ebay. This company had never heard of the story i told them about the bars only fitting the petrol model vehicle.
Can anyone confirm if the Ironman side-steps and brush bars is or is not a simple bolt on job to a diesel 80 series.
My 80 is a 1995 1HZ Standard model.


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Re: Ironman side-steps and brush bars

Unread post by Darwineighty » March 14th, 2016, 5:28 pm

Was talking to ironman the otherdayabout them im ordering mine tomoro

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